Allahabad – The history of Prayagraj

Allahabad is a beautiful city in the Uttar Pradesh state of India, also known as Prayagraj. The city is famed for its traditional and cultural values. It is among the oldest cities in the world and is famous for its religious as well as spiritual beliefs. However, this city is on the bank of the convergence of three holy rivers Yamuna, Ganga, and Sarasvati, named the Triveni Sangam. Every 12 years Kubh mela is organized here having a high spiritual value.

Earlier the city was named Prayag but after the rule of the Mughals it is changed to Allahabad, which means “the city of Allah”. The city was the capital of Salim the son of Akbar who later become the emperor Jahangir. It is not only known for its incredible history and spirituality but also for its well-established institutions for higher education. The city has so much to explore and experience, i.e., its incredible architecture, traditional cuisines, and many others.


  • Allahabad Fort :- This fort is a famous tourist attraction here, thousands of tourists from around the world visit here every year. The fort was built by the Mughal emperor Akbar in 1583 on the bank of rivers Ganga and Yamuna. It is one of the largest forts founded by Akbar having magnificent architecture.
  • Khusro Bagh :- It is the most visited place by the tourist in the city. It is a beautiful historical garden designed with astonishing Mughal architecture. This place is the tomb of three family members of Jahangir, his wife, son, and daughter. This walled garden has various plants roses and guava trees.
  • Anand Bhawan :- This is a prominent museum donated by Indira Gandhi to the government of India. Earlier it was the residence of the Nehru family after the conversion of their prior residence Swaraj Bhavan into the Congress Office. This place is famous for its wooden interiors as well as for historical artifacts from the days of freedom.
  • New Yamuna Bridge :- It is one of the six-lane bridges in the country. This bridge is constructed in 2004 joining Allahabad city with NH-27. It is a highly modified bridge constructed with modern technology. However, the views of the Yamuna river from the bridge during the evening time is magnificent.

Allahabad is famous for

  • Triveni Sangam :- This is the point where three holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati meet. It is a must to visit location situated 7kms from the city center. However, being one of the most religious places in the country Triveni Sangam is a peaceful destination to visit. Most of the tourists visit here during the Kumbh mela held after 12 years.
  • Food :- Every place is known for its taste and Allahabad is known for its crispy and tangy dishes. Tasting the flavors of Uttar Pradesh in its local delicacies is something else. Puri chachari, Khasta damalu, Jalebi, and many more mouth-watering dishes here are a must to try. Also, the city is famous for its Guava fruits, which are exported to the whole nation.
  • Museum :- This city is famous for its ancient as well as modern history. Therefore, the city museum here is a must to visit the place during your trip. Here you can witness the artifacts, paintings, and sculptures of ancient rulers and freedom fighters. Along with that most of the Prime Ministers of the country are from somehow have close connections with the city. Therefore, you can also explore their residences and offices now converted into museums.
  • Embroideries :- The state is mostly influenced by the Mughal and Awadhi styles of fashion and artwork. Zardozi is among the very famous embroidery styles in the country. The origin of this artwork on clothes was done in Lucknow and spread throughout the whole region. It is the thing that you can buy during your visit to Allahabad. However, this is the finest work done with some precious and semi-precious materials.

Religious sites

  • Hanuman Temple :- This is a well-known and unique temple in the city. The temple has a huge reclining figure of Lord Hanuman which is 20ft. long. This temple is located near the Triveni Sangam area having a huge religious value. It is an underground temple submerged during the high flow of the river.
  • Saint Cathedral :- It is the most beautiful church in the state built in the 19th century by Lady Muir Elizabeth Huntly Wemyss. This church has an incredible gothic style of architecture made with marble and glass planes. It is an Anglican Christian Church also known as the Church of Stones.
  • Alopi Devi Temple :- This temple lies near the Sangam and is a mysterious place. The temple has a wooden chariot that is worshiped there. A story prevails here that says once a wedding procession was passing from the woods. However, some thieves did loot there and killed several people but when they went for the bride she was not there. Hence it is still a mystery where the bride went. Therefore, that chariot of the bride is worshiped here and believed that it was a Virgin Goddess who disappeared. 

Best time to visit Paryagraj

The best time to visit the city is during October – March as during this time weather is good for exploring. During these months the weather is calm as it is the beginning of winter and the end of monsoon. It is preferred to visit Allahabad in winter because in these months you can easily wander in the city. However, it is the time when you can experience the mesmerizing views of the city in the early mornings and evenings.

Hence, it is not that you can not visit the city in other months. During the months of March – June the weather here is hot and humid. In these months you can explore the city but the heating climate make it difficult for you to experience the beauty. However, in the monsoons, the climate is beautiful here. You can also visit during July – September when the little showers of rain make the environment as well as surroundings pleasingly calm.  


Therefore, Allahabad is a beautiful as well as religious city to explore. Here you can experience both spiritual and modern cultures. This city has so many historical monuments and temples with some ancient sights and gardens. Now, the official name of the city is changed to Prayagraj by the Indian government. However, being a metropolitan city Allahabad is a well-developed city with various higher education institutions. Hence, it is worth visiting Allahabad and exploring its unique culture with its delicious cuisines.  

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