Chennai – Express to Madras 

Chennai is the gateway of South India as well as the well-known capital of Tamil Nadu. This city is famous for its culture well as traditions. Earlier the city has the name Madras, moreover, it is on the Coromandel Coast. This is the largest city in the state with various monuments as well as tourist attractions. It is a metropolitan city that has ancient corporations in the country.

Chennai is the country’s cultural capital as the traditions here are longstanding. This city has the second longest coastline in the world. The city is a well-known IT and IIT hub in the country. Chennai is an incredible city with so much to explore and learn. The Britishers in the 17th century formed their major naval base in this city.

Tourist attractions

  • Marina Beach :- It is the longest beach in the country which is 12 km long. This astonishing beach is located on the Bay of Bengal and is one of the busiest beaches in the city. A British Governor in 1880 has redecorated this beach. This is a beautiful place for having family picnics and enjoying some peaceful time. 
  • Santhome Cathedral :- This Cathedral was built by Portuguese exports in the 16th century. This church is designed in a Neo-Gothic style. The church has a beautiful white structure along with a museum adjacent to it. The museum has various artifacts related to St. Thomas to whom this place was .
  • Fort St. George :- This is the first building constructed by Britishers in the country. It was made on the Madras cost for export purposes. Soon this place was converted into a full city with two parts. One for the colonial people and the other for dock workers. Now this place is a museum with various ancient structures built by Britishers along with the St. Marry Church.
  • Thousand Light Mosque :- This is the mesmerizing mosque of Shia Muslims in Anna Salai, Chennai. It is one of the most visited and prominent mosques in India. The name thousand lights are given to this place as a tradition of lighting lamps on the premises of the mosque is followed here. 

Famous temples of Chennai

  • Kapaleeshwar Temple :- This ancient temple has the idol of Lord Shiva and was situated in the 7th century. This temple is one of the most worshipped places in the country. It is a temple having magnificent architecture. Henceforth, the temple is based on several historical beliefs of the local people. 
  • Parthasarathy Temple :- This temple is of Lord Vishu and his five forms. The Pallavas king of the region in the 6th century constructed this temple. This temple is the most recognized temple of the religion having several stories related to its existence. The idol of lord Vishnu here is about 9ft. tall. 
  • Ashtalakshmi Temple :- This temple is on Ellison’s Beach on the outskirts of the city. It has a unique style of architecture and is one of a kind in the whole state. This temple is of Goddess Laxmi as well as considered the symbol of good luck and wealth in the region. 
  • Kalikambal Temple :- This temple is in the heart of the city. The temple is the oldest temple in the location and has beautiful premises. The great Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji visited this place in 1677 and won the battle after that. Earlier, the temple was near the seashore. 

The tasty food of the city

The city has several famous street foods known for their spicy and tangy flavors. South India is basically famous for its food and historic temples. The region is most recognized for its variety of street food and cuisines. The most famous food here is Idli with Sambar and chutney.  Rice is the staple food served in Chennai and most of the food is of rice flour. 

  • Idli Sambar :- This is the food of the region and is tasted by everyone visiting to eat South Indian food. It is a rice cake with sambar and coconut chutney. This dish is served on banana leaves in a traditional way. Moreover, this is the traditional dish of the region.
  • Uttapam :- It is the tastiest morning snack here. It is basically a rice dish stuffed with loads of vegetables as well as served with sambar and chutney. You can find this on the streets and in famous restaurants in the city. 
  • Boli :- It is a lip-smacking street food of the city. This is a kind of stuffed paratha, stuffed with toor dal, raisins, nuts, and many more things. It is a sweet dish you can’t stop yourself from eating. 
  • Dosa :- This is the most famous dish in the city. Dosa is the must to eat thing here. You can find different kinds of dosa with varied tastes and flavors. Every dosa shop has its own different kinds of dosa. 
  • Vada :-  It is another delicious street food of the region. You can find it in the nearby stalls. These are the spicy donuts deep-fried and served with chutney. Additionally, it has a crunchy base. 

Specialties of the city

  • Unique Culture :- The city has the most unique and different cultures in the country. The people of the city still hold their old traditions and values everywhere with them. The locals of the city speak only Tamil language instead of another common language. 
  • Festivals :- The festival of the city has some different kinds of vibes. The city celebrates a large number of festivals and cultural dance and music forms are performed on the streets during these festivals. However, some famous festivals here are Pongal, Natyanjali Dance Festival, and many more.
  • Technological Hubs :- The city is on the verge of becoming the second Technological hub of the country after Banglore. The city has various well-known IT Companies in the country as well as the world. Additionally, the city is recently noted as the huge exporter of IT software in the country. 
  • Carnatic Music :- This is a traditional form of South Indian music art. However, Carnatic music is only found in Chennai. This is the most popular form of art here which is situated in its roots. Every year an annual Music Festival is held in the city for Carnatic musicians. 

Hence, we can say that Chennai is the cultural hub of the region as well as of the nation. The city is still holding its culture and traditions in its roots and living a modern lifestyle. Therefore, the city is a complete mixture of modern and traditional lifestyles. Moreover, this city is the most renowned city of the Tamil Nadu state, not because it is the capital but because it is full of vibes in its air. The city vibes are energetic as well as sweet for every visitor visiting the city. 

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