Jaipur – History of the Pink City

Jaipur is the capital city of the largest state in the country, Rajasthan. It is a beautiful city with so many jewel monuments by Rajputs of the region. This city was founded in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh for shifting his capital from Amer. The city is famous as Pink City in the world as the wall of the city are colored with pink color. This city was planned by Vidyadhar Bhattacharya and it is the first planned city in India.

This city has a royal aura with a combination of modern as well as traditional values. This world-famous city is popular for its incredible palaces, forts, heritage sites, and gateways. Additionally, the city has seven gateways which were designed while the foundation of the city. Jaipur still holds the beauty of its forts and architecture. It is the tourist hub of the state, i.e., the city hosts millions of visitors in a year.

Interesting facts about Jaipur

  • The city was painted pink for welcoming the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria in 1856 by Maharaja Ram Singh.
  • This city is surrounded by Aravalli Hills as well as formed on the bared lake of Suki Lake. The forts of the city are built on these hills still depicting the royal beauty of the city.
  • The old city of Jaipur is constructed in such a way that you will never get lost in the city as it is surrounded by different gateways which will lead you to the main roads.
  • The city holds the world’s largest Literature Festival for free every year. Thousands of tourists from across the world make their visits.
  • This city is famous for its block printing on clothes as well as on blankets.
  • Jaipur has the biggest market for Emeralds in the country as well as the biggest circular garden in Asia.
  • The city hosts so many cultural as well as traditional events in a year with various exhibitions of art, books, food, and handicrafts running the whole year. 

Three magnificent forts

  • Amer Fort :- This is the most renowned fort in the city. The fort was commissioned by Maharaja Man Singh for residential purposes in 1592. It is a beautiful fort made of pink and yellow sandstones as well as magnificent architecture. Here you can witness the traditions and culture of Rajputs.
  • Nahargarh Fort :- This fort is on the Aravalli Hills and gives a breathtaking view of the city. It was constructed by Maharaja Man Singh II in 1734. The fort has a majestic structure as well as a long wall extending to Jaigarh Fort. Tourist visit here to visualize the astonishing sunrise and sunset of the city.
  • Jaigarh Fort :- The fort was formed by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh in 1762 for protecting the Amer fort from enemies. This fort was the artillery manufacturing and storing house of Rajputs. In this fort, you can see the world’s largest cannon of that period on its top. This fort is known as Cheel ka Teela which means the Hill of Edges.

Royal Palaces of Jaipur

  • City Palace :- This palace is situated in the center of the old city, reflecting the royal culture along with the lifestyle of the Rajputs. It is the palace of Maharaja of Jaipur and the residence of the royal family to date. Some parts of this palace are converted into museums and art galleries for tourists.
  • Hawa Mahal :- This is a must to visit place in the city. The palace is the word famous tourist attraction and one of its kind. It is a five-story structure having numerous windows, which were used by the royal women to visualize the lives of the city. This palace has an amazing look and views of the city.
  • Jal Mahal :- This palace is between the Man Sagar lake of the city. Jal Mahal is a beautiful palace constructed in astonishing Rajput architecture. Hence, this place is the most visited attraction in the city. You can see the palace from afar while visiting Amer Fort. It is a five-story structure in which four stories are submerged under the lake and only one story is visible.  

Foremost Tourist Attractions

  • Birla Temple :- This temple is devoted to lord Vishnu and the goddess Laxmi. The temple is made of white marble and has fabulous architecture. The temple is a major attraction of the city as well as has a peaceful vibe in its environment.
  • Albert Hall Museum :- This museum is the ancient museum of the state. It is an incredible piece of architecture near Ram Niwas Garden. This museum has an ancient mummy from Egypt with various old art structures as well as artilleries. 
  • World Trade Park :- This mall is an 11-story complex with over 500 stores present here. It is a luxurious mall having glorious architecture. This place is a one-stop destination in the city where you can do shopping, watch movies in the Cinepolis complex, and eat in various cafes as well as restaurants here. This mall is the modern monument of the city.
  • Govind Ji Temple :- This is the must-to-visit temple of the city. It is the most worshipped temple in the city by the locals as well as by tourists. The great Akbar build this temple along with Sawai Jai Singh II bought the idle for the temple from Vrindavan. This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is one of the 7 major temples of Thakurji of Vrindavan.

Hidden gems of Jaipur

  • Abhaneri Stepwell :- It is the largest stepwell in the state, made thousands of years ago to quench the thirst of people living in the area. It is a beautiful place having similar architecture to other stepwells of the state. It is located 20km from the main city of Jaipur. This place is also famous as Chand Baori and the goddess adore here is Harshant Mata.
  • Galtaji :- It is a historic temple on the outskirts of the city. This majestic temple is a very famous worshipping place here. The magnificent architecture of this temple is built with a pink stone. It has a holy Kund and offspring. This temple is also famous as Galta Monkey Temple. 
  • City Walls :- This city is a colorful city in Rajasthan. And the day times views of the city are astonishing. But the evening tour views are the most spectacular ones. You can experience the royal legacy of the historical monuments shining on the streets. Moreover, this walled city has several narrow streets where you can enjoy charming views of the whole city from the walls.

However, Jaipur is an incredibly beautiful city with modern as well as historic values. The city has a vibrant vibe along with the royal lifestyle of the Rajputs. Hence, you can create some memorable moments in the colorful markets of the pink city. This walled city is a major tourist hub of the state. Tourist from around the world comes here to witness this beautiful city from nearby. Therefore, Jaipur is the Jewel of Rajasthan.

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