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Manipur – Gem of India

Manipur is the most beautiful as well as one of the seven sister northeast states of India. This state is known for its mesmerizing views, unique culture, and traditions. The Indian government made it a union territory in 1956. Then converted it to a complete state of the country in 1972. However, they say that Manipur is the last state to be included in India. This astonishing state has an incredible landscape with many beautiful valleys and cities.

Tourists from across the world come here during the festive seasons to enjoy the amazing and colorful festivals of the region. It is a fast-growing state in the country with women dominating society. This state is not only a growing or developing part of the nation but also a highly secure region. Additionally, a special Inner line Permit is required to visit the state for any purpose. This state shares its boundaries with Nagaland and Myanmar.

Interesting facts about Manipur            

  • An inner line permit is required to visit the state.
  • Worlds oldest Polo garden is in Manipur.
  • The state has the only floating garden in the whole world. 
  • Manipur has a unique form of culture and tradition making it an interesting holiday destination to visit during the festive season.
  • The only women’s market is a very famous tourist destination here lies near the Myanmar borders.
  • The state has various connections with Indian ancient history and mythologies.  
  • Manipur is a developing state in every sector mostly in the education sector.
  • Now the state has about 68 colleges and 2 universities as compared to 1946-47. 

Attractions in state

  • Loktak Lake :- It is the only and the largest floating Garden in the whole world. This lake is a beautiful location to explore in the state. It lies about 50 km from the city of Imphal. However, Loktak is a huge lake with floating islands on it. These islands are made of organic waste but have the most beautiful views here.
  • Tharon Caves :- These caves are the most interesting and majestic location for adventure junkies to explore. The caves have astonishing excavations and carvings of Hovnanian culture on their walls. These tunnels are 650 meters long hosting 34 joins and 5 exits for the dime caves.
  • Kangla Fort :- It is the hot spot tourist destination here and a magnificent ancient monument. This fort is on the bank of the Imphal river and was the seat of Manipur’s power till 1891. However, it is a historic fort in the heart of Imphal city. This place has a high prestige among the locals of the region.  
  • Liemaram Waterfall :- This waterfall has an undefinable beauty and tranquil surroundings. It is one of the most mesmerizing locations in the state. The waterfall is a picturesque destination where you can spend a peaceful time. However, this place has three waterfalls running at the same location making it an extraordinary beauty.  

Major cities to explore

  • Imphal :- This is the capital city that lies in the heart of the Manipur state. The city is the jewel of the region surrounded by mesmerizing hills, lakes, and astonishing landmarks. However, Imphal valley is the most visited destination by the tourist in the region. Here you can explore the historic monuments along with the traditional lifestyle of the region.
  • Thoubal :- It is the trekker’s hub in the state, i.e., tourist visit here to experience trekking adventures. This place is famous for its lush green environment and roads full of banyan trees on its boundaries. The natives here are very friendly as well as love to grow domestic plants in their house verandahs. However, here you can relax between the peaceful environment and beautiful views.
  • Ukhrul :- This is a very famous district in the state. This place is known for its majestic views and peaceful surroundings. It is a religious center housing many Tangkhul Nagas. However, Shirui lilies are found in the region on Shirui Kashong hills and some near the Khangkhui Mangrove caves. Additionally, the lakes and rivers in the city need some extra space for your cameras.
  • Tamenglong :- It is also known as the hometown of Hornbills. This place is very famous among bird watchers. Here you can find different and unique birds flying in the region. However, the city has unexplored forests welcoming you to spend some time in its tranquil environment. This city has various majestic waterfalls and rivers along with mesmerizing views of the forests.

Manipur is famous for

  • Food :- The taste of India means a big fat buffet full of various cuisines from different states and regions. And the cuisine of Manipur is an image of regional culture and geographical traditions. The food here is served in a proper socio-cultural style showing the bond of locals with nature. Some famous dishes of the region are Chamthong, Eromba, Singju, and many others.
  • Culture :- Culture of any location is the reflection of its native people and Manipur is famous around the world for its ancient culture and traditions. The state has a rich cultural heritage as various festivals and dance forms are celebrated here. Additionally, the famous classical dance form Raas Lila was founded here by Maharaja Bhagyachandra.
  • Flora and Fauna :- Being the northeast state of the country the region is surrounded by beautiful valleys and many different types of flora and fauna are found here. The Siroi Lily is a white color flower only found in the Siroi Hills, Ukhrul. Also, the state is home to many different kinds of Hornbills.
  • Market :- It is not possible to return from such an amazing location empty-handed. Therefore, Manipur offers uncountable specialties that you can buy and bring back home with you. Such as hand-weaved napkins, woodcraft items, embroidery shawls, and many more. Here Bamboo products are very famous as the region has the largest Bamboo forest in the nation.

Best time to visit Manipur

Northeast India is an incredible part of the country to explore and experience the mesmerizing vibes of nature. This region is surrounded by undefinable valleys and widespread mountain ranges. That means you can visit here whenever you want. Every season here has its own vibe and picturesque views. If you are a winter person and love to explore during the cold weather then the months from October – March are best for you. During these months the weather here ranges between 25°C – 4°C. It is the best time to explore the region as days are warmer than the cold nights.

However, if you prefer to explore the region during the summer season then the months of April – July is best. During these months the weather here is moderate and perfect for sightseeing. The temperature here ranges between 16°C – 30°C. These months have sunny days and blooming flowers in the valley. Therefore, by the end of these months, the region starts to experience slight rainfall. This is the mesmerizing time for the valleys as during this period views here are breathtaking and heavenly.


However, Manipur is a colorful state of India, having different colors of culture, tradition, art forms, and modernity. This state is a perfect blend of historic values with modern culture. it is the most popular and developed region of Northeast India. Therefore, spending your holidays here will bring you happiness with some unique experiences of various religions. The state is mostly influenced by Korean culture along with the values of Central India. However, the state is a beautiful destination to explore and experience.

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