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Narkanda – A Magical Destination

Narkanda valley is a small town near Shimla. It is a sleepy town with the most beautiful views and scenic locations. This town is one of the escape places for tourists during the peak seasons in Shimla. It is a quiet as well as peaceful valley, where you can explore so many things. This valley is famous for its apple farms. Apple production is the main source of income here.

Valley is located 65 km away from Shimla. The picturesque views of the valley with the solitude in its air make the valley the most tranquil destination in Himachal Pradesh. Narkanda valley is a beautiful hill station famous for its exciting winter sports. The valley is surrounded by snowy mountains as well as mesmerizing flora and fauna.

Tourist destinations

  • Tani Jubbar Lake :- It is an artificial oval-shaped pond located 12km from Narkanda towards Thanedhar, Kotgarh. This is a beautiful picnic location with clear water and surrounded by long spruce trees. It is a place you can relax near nature as well as spend some peaceful time. A pathway is made around the lake for sitting and enjoying the mesmerizing views of the snow mountains. 
  • Hatu Peak :- It is the highest peak of Shimla, 8km away from Narkanda. This peak is 12000 ft. above sea level and offers the best trekking experience in the valley. At the peak of this hill, there is a temple of Hatu Mata, which is very famous among the locals. This is the hub of adventure sports, i.e., a lot of adventure sports are available here.
  • Stokes Farm :- This beautiful valley is known for its apple orchards and a walk through these orchards brings a lovely mood as well as a great experience. An American Satyanand Stokes has bought apple cultivation here in 1916. And due to his apple orchards, the economic level of the valley raised. Ever since the area is known by its name.
  • Kacheri :- This is the must-visit location of Narkanda, situated 7 km from the main village. This is a location for peace seekers, who want to relax away from the loud noise of cities. It is a picturesque valley here you can see the Mahamaya Temple which is very famous. This temple is devoted to the goddess Kali and remains crowded during Navaratri, and Dussehra, as well as on weekends.

Other attractions

  • Skiing Ground :- It is an adventure hub for winter sports in the valley. In winters, the snow here covers the whole ground and deodar trees, giving the most beautiful view. This place is meant for adventure junkies who want to experience amazing sports. Here you can enjoy skiing, ziplining, paragliding, and so on.
  • Jau Baug :- These mountains are located 8 km away from Narkanda. This is a hiking and trekking spot in the valley and 15min from Hatu peak. It is a small town situated on the hilltop of the valley. Here you can enjoy and experience the breathtaking view of the snow-covered mountain ranges along with the stunning green valley.

Best time to visit Narkanda

There is no specific time to visit this amazing and peaceful destination. This place is magical you can find this place totally different in summer and different in winter. During summer weather there is quite a descent and you can clearly see the snow-capped mountain ranges from the valley. Also, can enjoy the views of the lusty green hill as well as its famous orchards.

The best season to visit Narkanda is winter, from the months of October – February. In these months the temperature here is between -5° to -10°, freezing weather and this is the time of snowfall here. Tourist visit during these months to enjoy the snowfall, and also experience the heavenly view of this wonderful valley. In these months you can enjoy various winter sports as well.

The specialty of this valley

The specialty of this hill station is that it has a peaceful environment. As it is the least populated or crowded area. Generally, most tourists visit Shimla and Kufri and return to their respective stations. But do not visit the valleys around Shimla. There are a lot of small valleys near Shimla and people do not know about them. And Narkanda valley is one of them. It is a most beautiful hill station with a lot of interesting things to do as well as mesmerizing scenic views of the Shivalik ranges.


Therefore, it is concluded that it is a magical destination with breathtaking views and exploding skiing experiences. Not only skiing but have adventurous treks and hiking points. Additionally, the cherry and apple orchards are the gems of this place. So, the people who want to spend some time in solitude can visit here and have some unforgettable moments with their own selves and their families. Hence it can be said that it is worth visiting Narkanda valley. As it is a peaceful destination in Himachal Pradesh, the northern state of India.   

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