Ooty – The South Indian Beauty

Ooty is a famous hill station in Nilgiri Mountains in Tamil Nadu. This hill station is officially named Udhagamandalam. The hill station was once considered the summer resort of Britishers. It is a paradise for nature lovers. The lovely environment of this place is irresistible and you can create thousands of unforgettable memories here. The town offers so many experiences starting from site exploration to thrilling adventures.

Ooty is 89km from Coimbatore and 2240 km above sea level. The town is near the Western Ghats which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. This town is famous for its tea estates, picturesque views, plantation of English fruits and vegetables, forest reserves, colonial architecture, and the list goes on. It is a renowned tourist spot in the region, specifically a honeymoon spot.

Nilgiri Mountains

These mountains are in Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India. These mountain ranges are blue in color as they are covered with Strobilanthes Kunthiana species of flowers known as Neela Kurinji in Tamil. These flowers bloom every 12 years which makes the hills look blue as well as purple in color. Nilgiri ranges are home to uncountable species of flora and fauna.

These mountain ranges are the blue stones of south India. These ranges are surrounded by the Annamalai mountains in the north and the Palani mountains in the south. These mountains are the parts of Western Ghats, which is why many regions of these hills are counted among UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These hills are the most important part of south Indian history.

Major attractions

  • Toda Huts :- These huts are of the most famous Toda tribes of these hills. This is a must to visit the location of the town situated in Toda village 15km from the main town. Here you can visit the ancient Toda temple which is a similar structure to the huts. Men are not allowed to visit this temple. In this village, you can see the lifestyle of this community with its food culture and traditions.
  • Stone House :- This was the first ever Bangalow in Ooty in 1822 during the colonial period. It is the place where you can learn about the history along with the old lifestyle of the town. it is a well-known museum displaying the wildlife, ancient history as well as lifestyles of the different tribes living here.
  • Nilgiri Mountain Railway :- It is the Toy Train Of Ooty where numerous movie scenes are shoot. The toy train ride is must to do a thing here as it lets you through the unbelievable views of the blue mountains. This train runs between Ooty via Coonoor to Mettupalayam. This route is 46km long and includes 250 bridges, 16 tunnels, and 208 curves.

Other attractions

  • Droog Fort :- This is the most historic location near Ooty in Coonoor. The fort was used in 1800 by Tipu Sultan as his army outpost. This is a mesmerizing hiking location in the Western Ghats, from here can have a spontaneous view of the lush mountains along with the western ghats. The fort is partially ruined due to natural destruction only a wall is left in the fort but can visit here to learn the old history of Tipu Sultan.
  • Doddabetta Peak :- This is the highest peak of Nilgiri Hills and the second largest Hill in South India. The word DoddaBetta literally means big hill. This hill is 8606 ft. high above sea level. From the telescope house of this hill you can have a panoramic view of the town along with its surrounding areas. This is the most loved trekking spot here with a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Breathtaking gardens of Ooty

  • Tea Garden :- This garden is a major attraction here as the town is famous for its wide variety of tea plantations. The garden is one acre long near Doddabetta Peak. Here you can enjoy various flavors of tea as well as a trail between the tea fields. Tourists can also witness the formation of tea in the Tea factory here and can explore the tea formation and evaluation. 
  • Botanic Garden :- This garden is the most beautiful garden in the town. The garden is spread across an area of 55 acres and has so many varieties of flowers. It is a perfect place to enjoy yourself with your family and have fun. The garden is divided into five segments and the major attraction of this garden is Fossil Tree Trunk which is more than 20 million years old.
  • Mukurthi National Park :- The national park is situated in the Nilgiri hills and was founded in 2001 to protect Nilgiri Tahr. It is a glorious location covered with mountain grass and shrubs. This park is a paradise for wildlife as well as nature lovers. The park is home to big reserves of flora and fauna, especially the Bengal Tigers and Asian Elephants. The park is spread over an area of 78.64 sq. km.

Glorious lakes and waterfalls

  • Avalanche Lake :- It is a naturally formed lake here, formed due to heavy landslides in the mountains. This has very alluring views along with a peaceful environment. This is the less crowded tourist spot in the town. This place is famous for fishing as well as for the picturesque views of the lush mountains.
  • Ooty Lake :- This is must visit to the location of Ooty, situated in the heart of town. This is an artificial lake Formed in 1824 by Mr. John Sullivan. The lake was founded for the purpose of fishing between the mesmerizing blue hills. Here you can enjoy boating at the lake park as well as cycle near the lake. This lake is listed among the UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • Catherine Falls :- This waterfall is the second largest as well as the most beautiful fall of the Nilgiri Mountains. It is on Kotagiri hill on the Kallar River formed from the Geddhehaada Halla stream. This fall is surrounded by different tea plantations as well as charming trees. You can have the full view of the waterfall from Dolphin’s Nose Viewpoint, which is hardly 3-4 km from here.
  • Kalhatty Waterfalls :- It is 14 km away from the main city in Kalhatty village on Kalhatty hills. This is one of the most astonishing locations in the town. This waterfall is approximately 121 ft. high. You can spot so many kinds of flora and fauna here with the angelic sounds of hill birds. Different spices such as rosewood, pepper, cloves, etc. can be found here. This is a beautiful trekking spot.

Thrilling Adventure of Ooty

In Ooty, you can also experience a wide range of adventure sports. It is a place where you can form uncountable memories. The hill station not only has astonishing views but also has thrilling experiences to offer to its visitors. The adventures here can calm your mind and kick your adrenaline rush. You can have the most thrilling experiences here along with the panoramic views of the valley.

Due to its perfect location on Nilgiri hill, the town offers so many exciting adventures to its tourists. The adventures like trekking, camping, zip lining, cycling, boating, and fishing are some popular sports here. Tourists here come to explore these unexplored hills through trekking and hiking, as well as to camp in the lush forests near the beautiful rivers and waterfalls. You can also do cycling in the grassland of the town and on hills via tea plantations.  

Best time to visit Ooty

There is no best time to visit Ooty because whenever you visit here you will forget your count on your rememberable moments. This is a whole year and every season destination. The place is full of astonishing viewpoints along with numerous things to do. But to be specific people prefer to visit Ooty in summer from March to June. As in these months, the weather is pleasant and perfect for sightseeing. This is the peak period for tourist visits to the town.


Therefore, Ooty is the Queen of hills in the southern part of the country. It is a fully defined holiday destination. The town is not an easy game to complete in one round, you will need at least 2-3 rounds to complete it. Because each corner of this town is breathtakingly beautiful as well as charming. The destination is very much famous among honeymoon couples. This is the place where many movie scenes are shoot. So, you can also recreate them here.

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