Pune – Variety store of Maharashtra

Pune is Maharashtra’s second most populated city after Mumbai, with an area of 702 sq. km. The city is around 150km away from Mumbai and is situated near Mula and Mutha Rivers. This city is in the southwestern part of India on the Deccan Plateau, 1837ft. high from the sea level. Pune is considered the most liveable city in the country as well as the largest metropolitan center of the state. Local people also name the city Poona.

This city is an old land founded before 8thcentury. This city was mainly ruled by the Marathas till the British regime in 1817. Earlier the city was the cultural capital of Marathas but is still known as the cultural hub of the state. Pune is a beautiful city having a lot of things to attract people to it. This city is the education as well as the industrial center of the country. People visit here to witness the mesmerizing beauty of its historical monuments and western ghats.

Why Pune is Oxford of the East?

After independence, so many educational institutions are founded in the city. Pune has a great educational history. This city has a high rate of the educated population of about 86%. The city is the education hub of Maharashtra and is in a position to become the second IT hub of the country. The institutions like Symbiosis, FTII, AFMC, and the list goes on are situated here. This city has the top IT as well as Management institutions in the country. That’s why this city is known as Cambridge and Orford of the east.

Some interesting historical landmarks of Pune

  • Shivneri Fort :- This fort is the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It is one of the musts to visit ancient locations of Pune. This fort is located on a hill of 984 ft., from where you can have a beautiful view of the city. Therefore, you have to do a small trek to reach the fort and cross seven gates to reach the main entrance. This fort has a wide history of Marathas and their lifestyle.
  • Shaniwar Vada :- This place was built by Peshwa Bajirao in 1732. It is the most famous historical landmark of the city. Tourists as well as locals frequently visit here to explore the charm of the place. Due to a fire accident in 1827, most of the things got damaged but the delicacy of the land is still alive.
  • Aga Khan Palace :- It is a prime landmark in Indian history. This palace was founded in the year 1892 by Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III. He had this palace constructed for the people affected by famine. But Britisher used it as a V.I.P. prison. This is the place where Mahatma Gandhi was imprisoned with his wife, secretory, and disciple due to his declining health conditions. Now this palace is served as Gandhi National Memorial.
  • Lal Mahal :- This mahal is situated in the center of the city. It was constructed by Shahaji Bhosale in 1630 for his wife and son Shivaji. This palace is an astonishing monument built with red stone. It is the place where Shivaji spent his life until he won his first fort. Here you can see many oil paintings of his childhood as well as of many historic moments.

Wonderful views to capture

  • Western Ghats :- This is the heaven of Pune. The western ghats near the city is a paradise for nature lovers as well as for photographers. Here you can enjoy the mesmerizing views of the lush green forests, waterfalls, rivers, and many more. These ghats are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is a place where you can explore various species of flowers as well as herbs.
  • Rajgad Fort :- This fort is 4600 ft. above sea level. Earlier this was the capital of Shivaji Maharaj for 26 years then shifted to Raigad. This fort is a beautiful trekking spot in Pune. You cannot visit this fort in one day and come back. As this fort is very high you have to stay here at the night after trekking for a whole day. This trek is mesmerizing as it is surrounded by lush green forests as well as the view of alluring waterfalls. You can also enjoy the morning view of the forest from the fort.
  • Parvati Hill :- It is a very famous tourist spot in the city. This hill is 2100 ft. above sea level. Here you can visit the most famous Parvati Temple built by Peshwas. This hill is the best trekking spot between the forests. People visit this hill to have an amazing view of the sunset from here. Additionally, you can visit the museum here as well as enjoy the street foods.

Things to do in Pune

  • Camping near Pawna Lake :- This is a beautiful location on the Pune – Mumbai Highway. It is a place where people visit to spend some peaceful time. Pawna Lake is an artificial lake formed from Pawna Dam. Tourist camp and do bonfires on rivers bank.
  • The Osho Ashram :- It is a meditation center in Pune. This is the place of relaxation and meditation far from the hustles of the city. Here you can have peace of mind in the tranquil surroundings of the resort. This report provides you with every kind of amenity for a carefree stay.   
  • Paragliding in Kamshet :- It is the most preferred location for paragliding in the city. Kamshet is a beautiful village in Pune, known for its astonishing beauty and panoramic views. Here you can experience the bird’s view of the village as well as of the forests while paragliding in the blue sky.
  • Shopping at Kasba Peth :- It is the old residential area near Shaniwar Vada. This is the market where you can find old temples, ancient places, and traditional and cultural items of the city. The word Kasba means market and Peth means area. Here you can explore the old stories of Maratha and Peshwas. The market is famous for its earthen products as well as for street food.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Pune is the months of October to February. In these months you can enjoy the pleasant weather in the city. During this time, you can easily explore the city wholly. In these months the city has fun vibes as well as the best weather conditions. Tourist visit here when the monsoon is near or at the end. Because on this time they can experience little rain while wandering around the city streets.


Hence it can be said that Pune is a perfect place to visit. This is the location with a bag full of Tourist attractions and adventure spots. This majestic destination is not only a tourist location but a city with everything. The city is for everyone who is visiting here for any purpose, from education to business. Pune is an ancient land with panoramic views of forests as well as hills surrounding it.

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