Raebareli – Nehru Gandhi Bastion

Reabareli is a beautiful city in Uttar Pradesh state in India. This city lies in the southeast of Lucknow on the bank of the Sai River. It is the political seat of the Gandhi Family as well as a historic city. This city is known for its bird sanctuaries, gardens, ancient monuments, and railway junctions. Raebareli was founded in the 12th century but it is curved by the British in 1858. This is an astonishing city with many important institutions and trade centers.

The city was earlier named Bharauli or Barauli and with time it changed into Bareli. According to the history of the town, the name was given after the Bhar people who were the traders from west here. And Rae prefix was the title given to the masters in the region at that time. This city is a well-known region of the state from the very beginning. The city is a major industrial and agricultural trade center.

Interesting facts about Raebareli

  • Raebareli is also known as the origin city of some well-known writers of Hindi Literature, Malik Muhammad Jayasi, and Mahaveer Prasad Dwivedi.
  • The first AIMS Hospital of Uttar Pradesh state was inaugurated in the city in 2013.
  • India’s first aviation institute, Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University was founded in 2018, is in Raebareli.
  • In 1858, the city was the headquarters of the East India Company, which curved the main Raebareli city.
  • The city has a flourishing history connecting its chapter with the era of Ramayana.
  • This city is known as the Bastion of Congress party in UP for more than a decade.

Major tourist attractions

  • Indira Gandhi Botanic Garden :- The garden was founded in 1986 to maintain the ecological balance. This garden has a huge statue of Indira Gandhi installed on its premises. However, the palace is calm and peaceful. Additionally, you can find so many medicinal herbs as well as plants here. This garden is also a research center for medical students, scientists, and research scholars.
  • Samaspur Bird Sanctuary :- This sanctuary is home to so many beautiful and foreign birds. The place was established in 1987 and covers an area of 800 hectares approximately. Bird Sanctuary is a heaven place for nature photographers and bird watchers. You can explore different species of birds from around the world here. It is advisable to experience the birdwatch during the months of November to March.
  • Behta Bridge :- It is one of the most visited places in the city. This bridge is constructed on the Sai River and crosses Sharda Canal. The place is a famous picnic spot here for tourists as well as locals. Moreover. The surrounding here are fully covered with lush green grass and the place have an exotic vibe. The bridge is on the outer of the city where you can enjoy away from the loud sounds of the city traffics.
  • Dalmau :- It is a historic town near Raebareli. This town is known for various mythological stories as well as for numerous ancient monuments here. Dalmau is a perfect place for history lovers to discover and explore the important events of the city. some major spots are, King Dal’s Fort, the Palace of Nawab Shuza-ud-Daula, Dalmau Pump Canal, Mahesh Giri Math, and many others.

Other Attractions

  • Mahesh Vilas Palace :- It is a palace with incredible architectural beauty. The palace is one of the very famous structures in the city. It is the place where Bollywood movies like Raid are shoot. This palace has beautiful architecture on its walls and gates. The palace is spread across an area of 35km, defining the ancient royal lifestyle of the region.
  • Baleshwar Temple :- It is a very famous temple in Lalgang near the Railway Coach Factory. This temple is 600 years old and devoted to lord Shiva and is a must to visit the temple in the city. However, it has an old story that says, once lord came in the dream of a man and asked him to build a temple for him here. On the top of this temple, there is a Trident that turns with the moment of the sun.

Famous food

Uttar Pradesh is a state rich in cultural heritage, here people stick to their roots in the form of language and traditions. The state is well known for its beauty and tangy flavors of food.  Here you will find a variety of cuisines both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. And Raebareli being a very famous region of the state serves numerous cuisines. The specialty of food here is that you will get to try both Awadhi as well as Mughlai cuisines.

Some most famous dishes here are Korma, Nahari Kulcha, Zarda, Paratha, Roomali Roti, Kaliya, and the list goes on. Here you will find dishes served in the traditional Awadhi and Mughal styles. However, with time the local food of the city has adopted the culture of different states as well. That means you can also try food from other states also like special dishes from Punjab and Kashmir. But the style of flavoring the traditional dishes is still the same here.

Why Raebareli is famous?

Raebareli is a famous city in Uttar Pradesh state. As it is the Political hub of the Congress Party in India. Along with that, it is the fourth city in the country to have huge Railway Factories. The city has an important political presence, therefore, is involved in various controversies related to government. This city being the bastion of the Congress party has seen various developments before any other city in the state. For listing there are developments like the first Aviation Institute of India, the first AIIMS Hospital of the state, etc.

Moreover, the city is also known as the root of Hindi Literature, because many prominent figures of Hindi literature are from the city. They have given a huge contribution towards growing the influence of literature in the country. Or you can say that people around the globe have learned the importance of the Hindi language through them. The city not only contributed to Hindi Literature the undefinable architecture here will also make your heart miss a beat. Hence Raebareli City is a developing city in the state and growing with fast phase.


Therefore, Raebareli City is a beautiful destination to explore and learn about the political as well as cultural history of India. Here you can have a lot of mesmerizing experiences making your trip memorable and fun. However, you can trail on the streets of the city and feel the touch of Ayodhya mixed with the Tehzeeb of Lucknow. The city has an amazing culture which will make you feel the vibes of old ancient India. In the city, there are so many things to explore and gain learning from. Therefore, making a trip to Raebareli will not disappoint you and make it worth your holidays.

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