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Sri Ganganagar – The Food Basket of Rajasthan

Sri Ganganagar is a district founded by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner. This is the northernmost city of Rajasthan and lies near the international borders of the country. The city is the major producer of mustard, wheat, rice, bajra, and kinnow. This city is the food basket of the state. Hence 70% – 75% of the population depends on agriculture. This is the beautiful city of Rajasthan having the most fertile land as well as green fields on its boundaries.

The city is one of the planned cities of the country. The geographic structure of the city is similar to the town of Paris. Sri Ganganagar is famed for the sports achievements of state and national-level tournaments. This district of Rajasthan is related to the well-renowned Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilizations of India. However, many personalities like famous Indian music composer Jagjit Singh and Captain Avtar Singh Chimma the first Indian to climb Mount Everest belong to Sri Ganganagar.

Glorious history

This town has a very interesting history. Over years the city has witnessed various draught and famine situations. In ancient times the rivers Saraswati and Drishadvati flowed in the region. On the banks of these rivers, civilizations like Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro were settled. But with time these rivers dried up and left behind a barren land. Earlier the town was a part of the Bikaner region and was named Ramu ki Dhani.

During the famine of the Bikaner region in 1900, the ruler of Bikaner Maharaja Ganga Singh decided to find a canal in the region so that the state will never face such situations ever again. However, he chooses the town for building the canal because from this region the river Sutlej enters the state. Therefore in 1906, he shared the idea of the canal with Lord Curzon, the viceroy of India and in 1920 they signed the agreement.

After this in the year 1927, the Gang Canal was founded and inaugurated by Lord Irwin, the viceroy of that time. And on 26 October 1927 Sri Ganganagar city was founded was named after Maharaja Ganga Singh. With that this barren land of Rajasthan has become the fastest-growing city in the state. Maharaja Ganga Singh convinced the farmers of the region to come here to farm and paid a huge amount of gold coins to them. So that they do farming here and help him to make this land fertile again.

Tourist attractions 

  • Hindumalkot Border :- This is the international border of India and Pakistan on the Radcliffe line. This border is 25 km away from the main town. Here you can witness many historic events happening between the two countries and their stories. It is a must to visit location here.
  • Laila Majnu Tomb :- The tomb is a symbol of the immense love of Laila and Majnu. This tomb is the most worshipped place near the Anupgarh region. Every year in the month of June a fate is organized here in which people from various regions participate to listen to numerous stories of their immortal love.
  • Buddha Johad Gurudwara :- This gurudwara is a historical monument here. It was built in honor of Sukha Singh and Mehtab Singh, as they bought the head of Massa Ranghar who was guilty of the relevance of the Golden Temple in 1740. This is now a sacred land for the community.
  • Baror Village :- This village is 13 km from the city. It is an archaeological site where you can see the remains of the Indus Valley Civilization in the region. Many ancient pots, ornaments, and various other things were found here.

Other attractions

  • Gol Bazar :- It is the bustling marketplace of the city. Here you can find everything like, hotels, restaurants, clothes, jewelry, and many more. This is the place for everyone from manufacturers to retailers. This place is constructed on a circular structure so no one can get missed here. It is the biggest market in the district.
  • Channa Dham :- This temple is devoted to lord Hanuman and is a very renowned temple 32 km away from the main city. The temple is believed to be directed by Lord Hanuman himself to his devotees. It is a beautiful temple also known as the second Salasar Dham. The temple was first constructed with four bricks only. However, as the influence of the temple increased it got developed into huge premises.
  • Andh Vidyalaya :- This place is a temple along with an eye care center. The temple here is of Lord Shiva named Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple. The linga here is made of Mercury (Para) which is the center of attraction here and a cave beneath the temple is must see a thing here. Moreover, the eye care center here is a school for blind and deaf people so that they can live their lives with ease.

Interesting facts about Sri Ganganagar

  • It is one of the planned as well as fast-developing cities of the state.
  • The city has the highest temperature in Rajasthan during summer.
  • Maharaja Ganga Singh has planned this city according to the geographical structure of Paris.
  • This city is the largest producer of wheat, bajra, mustard, and kinnow in the state.
  • Ganganagar is the city of storms as here you’ll still find some area covered with desert sand.
  • It is the first city in north Rajasthan from Punjab.
  • The city is known for its sugar production in a larger number of sugar mills.
  • The main sources of water in the city are the Gang canal, the Indira Gandhi canal, and the Ghaggar River.
  • This town is a mixture of various cultures as well as religions and people here celebrate every festival as their own.

Food Specialties 

  • Chole Kulche :- It is the well-known breakfast of the city. This spicy chole is served with baked bread and onion accompanied by pickles. You can find this food everywhere in the city as it is the most eaten food in the city.  
  • Chaat :- This city has various delicious street food known for their tangy tastes. The city has no particular street food but here you will find street food from different regions with their original flavors.   
  • Dal-Baati-Churma :- This is the famous dish of the city. Dal is prepared with five different Lentils served with baked as well as fried rolls of wheat and sweet Churma accompanied with papad and pickles.
  • Maki and Bajre ki Roti :- It is the must-try dish here. The dish is served with Ghee shaker and Sarso ka Saag. These rotis are prepared on challahs in old traditional ways. This dish is very famous here.   

Hence Sri Ganganagar is an astonishing city so much to explore and learn. This city is not a big place to wander but has numerous destinations to witness. Additionally, the glory of the city is unbeatable with its extraordinary stories. However, the city is a perfect blend of different cultures as it is a planned town. So many people from different regions moved here and formed a versatile land. Therefore, visiting the city is worthwhile as well as a good place to spend holidays. 

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