Bhubaneshwar is the fastest developing city in the country known for its incredible history and modern trends.

Ancient Temples of Bhubaneshwar

Lingaraja Temple is the most famous and must-visit temple in the city. This temple is a fantastic structure from the 11th century.

Attraction of Bhubaneshwar

Udayagiri and Khandayagiri Caves were made in the 2nd century BC by the Raja Kharvel of Kalinga for Jain monks.

Specialties of Bhubaneshwar

Chandi Tarakashi is the artwork of silver filigree only done in Odisha. It is the most beautiful, as well as delicate artwork, done with thin silver wire.

Best time to visit Bhubaneshwar

Every time is best when to want to explore and experience the natural beauty and the unique history of Orisha.


Therefore, Bhubaneshwar is a well-known destination with unexplored beauty. The city and its authentic vibes will spellbind you to visit again