Indore the city known for its incredibly tasty street food, cotton handloom industry, and education institutions.

Indore is famous for

Indore is a fantastic city, a place where many new ideas are born and boom with time. It is an interesting city known for many start-ups and successful industries.

Interesting facts about Indore

India’s third oldest stock market, Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange is in Indore. The city has Asia’s largest Biogas Plant.

Major attractions of Indore

Rajwada Palace is a magnificent seven-story building standing between the flourishing street of Khajuria Market.

Unexplored Gems of Indore

Muhadi Falls is a paradise for nature lovers as well as for travelers. This waterfall is one of the most famous natural expeditions of the city.

Food of Indore

Indore is famous for its delicious cuisine as well as for tangy street food. The city is known for its different food markets and its chirpy vibes.


Hence, we can say that Indore is a versatile city having so many things to do. From wandering on the streets to opening a new start-up.