Kota is a fantastic city known as the Education centre of Rajasthan. The city lies on the edge of river Chambal in Rajasthan state.

Major tourist attractions of Kota

Chambal Garden is a stunning place to visit in the city. This garden has a pond hosting several crocodiles in it along with a hanging bridge on its top.

Other attractions of Kota 

Kishore Sagar Lake is a man-made lake in the city having amazing surroundings. The lake was founded by the Prince of Bundi in the 14th century.

Kota is famous for

Kota is a city in Rajasthan known for its royal history and colourful traditions. It is an amazing city famous for its coaching institutions, palaces, gardens, and Chambal river.

Best time to visit Kota 

There is no specific best time to visit the city. Therefore, you can visit here and explore whenever you want to but it is convenient to visit the city from October – March.


Kota is a fantastic city and a box full of many wonders. The city has a lot to explore and experience about. The bustling environment of the city makes it a lively location for visiting.