Macca Masjid is a beautiful masjid based in Hyderabad – The pearl city of India. This incredible masterpiece was commissioned by Qutub Shahi Dynasty in the 17th century.

Macca Masjid Hyderabad history

More than 400 years ago when Hyderabad city was settling and Sultan Muhammad Quil Qutub Shah was the nawab here. He decided to build a big mosque in this big city.

Architecture of Macca Masjid

Macca Masjid is a fantastic monument designed with eye-catching architecture. This is the ancient structure of the country.

Tips and timings for the Macca Masjid

Masjid opens at 4 am in the morning and closes at 9 pm. Mobile phones are not allowed inside the mosque.

Macca Masjid Blast

Hatred and revenge leave no space for religion as well as humanity, which gives birth to terrorism. Macca Masjid has also faced the effect of this terrorism once in 2007.


Therefore, to conclude, Macca Masjid is an incredible monument created by the nawabs of Hyderabad. This mosque is a place where you will have a peaceful environment.