Manipur is the most beautiful as well as one of the seven sister northeast states of India. This state is known for its mesmerizing views, unique culture, and traditions.

Interesting facts about Manipur

An inner line permit is required to visit the state. Worlds oldest Polo garden is in Manipur.

Attractions of Manipur

Loktak Lake is the only and the largest floating Garden in the whole world. This lake is a beautiful location to explore in the state.

Major cities to explore in Manipur

Tamenglong is also known as the hometown of Hornbills. This place is very famous among bird watchers.

Manipur is famous for

Culture of any location is the reflection of its native people and Manipur is famous around the world for its ancient culture and traditions.

Best time to visit Manipur

This region is surrounded by undefinable valleys and widespread mountain ranges. That means you can visit here whenever you want.


However, Manipur is a colorful state of India, having different colors of culture, tradition, art forms, and modernity. This state is a perfect blend of historic values with modern culture.