Narkanda valley is a small town near Shimla. It is a sleepy town with the most beautiful views and scenic locations.

Tourist destinations of Narkanda

Hatu Peak is the highest peak of Shimla, 8km away from Narkanda. This peak is 12000 ft. above sea level.

Other attractions of Narkanda

These mountains are located 8 km away from Narkanda. This is a hiking and trekking spot in the valley and 15min from Hatu peak.

Best time to visit Narkanda

The best season to visit Narkanda is winter, in the months of October – February. In these months the temperature here is between -5° to -10°.

The specialty of Narkanda

The specialty of this hill station is that it has a peaceful environment. As it is the least populated or crowded area.


Therefore, it is concluded that it is a magical destination with breathtaking views and exploding skiing experiences.