Raghunath temple is the most famous temple in Jammu and Kashmir, a union territory of India. It is a huge temple having seven shrines.

Interesting history of Raghunath Temple 

Raghunath temple has a glorious history and tells the story of Maharaja Gulab Singh and Shri Ram Dass Bairagi.

Structure of Raghunath temple

Raghunath Temple is a huge temple spread over a wide area having seven shrines. This temple house almost all the gods of Hinduism.

Best time to visit Jammu

Jammu is a city famous for its incredible landscape and beautiful scenic views. Hence it is good to visit when it is blooming and at its peak of beauty.


Raghunath temple is a complete divine heaven where you will find peace and harmony. However, this place is one of the Moksha stairs for Paradise.