Ujjain is a religious city in the centre of the country in Madhya Pradesh state. The city is the holy land having numerous ancient temples with great value.

Major temples of Ujjain

Mahakaleshwar Temple is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva in the country. This temple is a must-visit place and the city is famous for this temple.

Attractions of Ujjain

Kaliadeh Palace is a historic monument that lies on an island in the Shipra river. This palace was founded in the 15th century by the sultan of Mandu.

Specialties of Ujjain

Ujjain is famous for its spicy and sour flavours in its dishes. Here you can try Pani Puri, Aloo Chole, Kulfi and the list goes on including Rabri and Barfi.

Best time to visit Ujjain

The best time to visit Ujjain is the time when you want to have a serious talk with Mahakal. This city and temples are open the whole year for the tourists.


Therefore, Ujjain is a beautiful city to explore and experience the spiritual values of Hindu Culture. This city has many sacred temples valuable in their own ways.