Gwalior Fort is the Pearl among all the fortresses of the country. This fort was ruled by several kings and used according to their preferences.

History of Gwalior Fort

The control of the fort fluctuated among the various Mughal and Hindu rulers till the Tomar ruler of the Rajput dynasty gain possession in 1398.

Attractions of Gwalior fort

Man Mandir palace is the major attraction of the fort. It has astonishing architecture built between 1486 – 1516 by the Tomar ruler.

Siddhachal Jain Temple

Urvahi are the caves in the fortress belonging to Jain Tirthankaras.  Here you can see the huge statues of Jain gods.

Best time to visit Gwalior fort

Gwalior is the northernmost city of Madhya Pradesh state in India. Therefore, the city receives a high temperature during the summer season.


Therefore, it can be concluded that this fortress is the most astonishing as well as a unique fort in the country. Its different stories have made it a major center of attraction.