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Amer Fort – The Jewel of Jaipur

Amer Fort commonly famous as Amber Fort was built by Raja Man Singh in 1592 AD. The fort is located in Amer town 11km from Jaipur, Rajasthan. It is the center of tourist attraction in Jaipur. Tourists visiting Jaipur must visit this fort. The fort is a magnificent sample of Rajput architecture.

Amer Fort is the residence of Rajput Rulers during the 11th century. The fort has a series of gates and cobbled streets. Amer Fort also overlooks Maota Lake. The fort is made of Pink and Yellow stones.


Amer earlier was the capital of Rajasthan during the rule of Kachwahas, the Rajput rulers. Earlier Amer was named Dhundar. Amer Fort was built by Raja Man Singh the trusted general of Akbar the Great. The fort was built in 1592 AD and renovated by the successor rulers till the capital was shifted to Jaipur after 150 years.

Amer fort was considered the new residence of the royal family. Previously, the royal family was living in the Old Palace or Kadimi Mahal.  Old Palace is one of the oldest palaces in the country. Amer Fort was named after the name Lord Shiva and Goddess Amba, the Ambikeshwar. The fort has a temple of Shila Mata, which was bought by Raja Man Singh from Jessore in 1604 AD. The fort has several historical tunnels that were used during wars for escaping.

How and When to Visit Amer Fort

For visiting Amer Fort, you can take a city bus or taxi from the old city of Jaipur to reach Amer. Then hire a jeep, golf cart, auto rikshaw, or elephant ride for reaching the main entrance of the fort. You can also ride your vehicle for reaching to the top entrance. If you want to experience the scenic view of the city from each increasing step towards the fort, you can walk via the old route with small footsteps. 

The best time to visit Amer fort is from October to February during the winter. This time the weather is cold and nice. You can easily explore the fort, its architecture, and picturesque views of the city from the top. The fort opens from 8 in the morning till 7 in the evening. To experience the beautiful sunset from the fort, reach there at 4 pm.

Major Attractions of Amer Fort

Amer Fort is the best tourist destination for learning about the royal lifestyle of Rajput rulers. The fort has various sections. Every section has its own entrance, courtyard, palace, and garden. Amer Fort is a beautiful combination of Rajput and Mughal architecture.

  • Jaleb Chowk:- It is the courtyard where the armies show their wins after returning from the war. Suraj Pol and Chand Pol are the gates for entering the fort in Jaleb Chowk. The chowk has the entrance to a private palace, called Ganesh Pol.
  • Sheesh Mahal:- It is also known as  Diwan-E-Khas or Jai Mahal. This is the court for the king’s private people. Here the official meetings with other kings or important persons of other states were done. The walls are designed with baroque mirrorwork. The mirror for this court was exported from Belgium.
  • Diwan-E-Aam:- This is the court for the general public. Here the king celebrates festivals with the local people of his state. There are 64 pillars, made with red and yellow stones. The pillars were designed with elephants with roses in their trunks indicating both Mughal and Rajput architecture.
  • Sukh Niwas:- It is the place where kings spend quality time with their wives or mistresses. Sukh Niwas is in the front of Diwan-E-Khas. The huge gates of this palace are made with sandals and ivory wood. A technic is used while making this palace, which keeps its walls cool.
  • Maota Lake:- The lake at the bottom of the Amber Fort. There is a Light and Sound show held on the lake in the evening which shows the gracious history of Amer Fort. Two shows are organized daily, one in English and the other one in Hindi language.

There are so many things to see in Amer Fort. The fort tells its story on its own with the help of information boards in every location. It is a beautiful fort with the essence of pour Rajasthani culture. Amer Fort is one of the jewels of Jaipur with its rich history and tale of bravery. Therefore, it is a full-pack holiday destination for tourists as well as local residents.

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