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Bhangarh Fort – The Story of Cursed Fort 

Exploring India is like losing in a maze of books, securing its mysterious as well as adventurous stories. And while exploring the country moving to the most extensive state Rajasthan is mandatory. However, the state is known for its royal as well as glorious rulers and their fort. And one of the most exciting forts here is Bhangarh Fort. This fort is the most haunted place in the country. It is a more than 500-year-old fort located in the Alwar district of the state. 

This was once a beautiful fort founded by the rulers of Amer and was a flourishing village around it. But now people are scared to visit here even during the daytime than night visits are so far. According to the news government of India, has declared this place a reserved area. But still, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) does not have an office here. This fort is haunted and I am sure you know that! But do you know the real story behind this haunting beauty of Rajasthan? Therefore read this blog to know the stories of the actual events that happened in this fort which have proven all the ancient stories about this place. 

Who built the Bhangarh Fort? 

So let’s start from the start, moving back to about 500 years ago. The ruler of Amer Bhagwant Das founded this fort for his son Madho Singh. Bhangarh Fort is a ruin today but once it was one of the most glorious forts of the state. The forts have temples, palaces, havelis, and many baolies with four entrances. The astonishing Rajputi architecture of the forts is undefinable. However, this fort is settled on the border of the Sariska Reserve in the Alwar district. It is the fort on the hilltop of Aravallli Ranges giving some magnificent views of the reserve. 

The old locals near this place say that this fort was founded against the wish of a sage and he cursed this place. According to them after some time sudden things started happening in the fort, that set fear in the minds of people. Hence, they started to migrate from here and the area became deserted in no time. They also say that screaming sounds came from here and those who visit the fort during the night never came back. Therefore, very few people visit this fort and not only this one there is a long list of stories that has made this place haunted. 

The real story of the cursed fort

As I said before here is a long list of stories about this place being haunted. And every person reading this is here to know the original story behind it. Why the Bhangarh Fort is the most haunting place in the whole country? Why do people fear visiting this fort? So the answer is simple the curse given by the saint following the cure of a magician. But what was the curse that destroyed the whole kingdom and made it a ruin?

According to legends when the king decided to build the fort here, he was interpreted by the saint Balu Nath. He was living there but after the request of the king, he agreed to build the fort on one condition. He said that the shadow of the palace should not fall on his house and if it happened then it would result in the destruction of the palace and its surroundings. Therefore, as a result, negative things started happening in the kingdom. 

In addition to this, there is another story that states the beauty of Bhangarh has attracted the Beast towards herself. It is believed that the princess of the kingdom Kumari Ratanawati was the most beautiful princess in the whole state. In the same region, there was a well-versed Tantrik. He fell in love with the princess but he was not allowed to meet her. So one day when she was buying perfume he dishonestly put his black magic in her perfume, which will make the princess slender herself to him willingly. But she has seen him doing so and threw the bottle which is rolled into a huge stone and killed the magician. Therefore, while dying he cursed that every person living in the fort would soon die without any rebirth in their destiny. 

Haunting Incidents

After this incident one year passed in misery and various negative things started happening in the fort. Then a battle between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh was fought in this battle, Kumari Ratanawati died with many others in the palace. Hence, with this, the destruction of the fort begins. Whosoever visits the palace has never come back and sounds of crying and shouting started coming from the fort. Therefore, people living here migrated and abandoned this place forever.

This was only the beginning after that many sudden events happened here people crossing the paths from here during the night got lost as well as saw someone crying at the gates. However, the government restricted this area and banned entry inside the fort after sunset. But many people still want to prove that there is nothing like ghosts here, so they go into the palace and wait till sunset. And as a result many were lost and others died mysteriously after some time. 

Gaurav Tiwari a paranormal investigator died a mysterious death after visiting the Bhangarh Fort. He was an interesting man who played roles in many Bollywood movies and Television Shows. He went to Bhangarh Fort in 2012 to find out if there were ghosts for real or if people were just spreading rumors. So he stayed in the fort for two whole nights and tried to talk to the souls there and sometimes he got a response too. After that on 7 July 2016, he was found dead in his bathroom. According to the police statement, it was a case of suicide they said he died while hanging himself with his wife Duppata. But forensic reports told a different story, so their no true verdict for his death. Hence, it is mysterious till today. 

When is it safe to visit Bhangarh?

It is not that you can visit this fort whenever you want, there are some fixed times for making a visit. This means it is not a joke that it is the most haunted destination in India. It is proven by many paranormal experts that this place is spooky and not safe to visit. Therefore the government of India has restricted the entry of visitors inside the fort after and before sunset and sunrise. It is believed that paranormal activities happen here in the moonlight. However, you can visit the fort between the time of 10 am to 5 pm, according to the government rules and regulations. But those who don’t follow rules are recommended to visit the fort after sunrise at 6 am and leave the palace before sunset at 6 pm. 


Bhangarh Fort is the top haunted destination in India. This fort in Rajasthan state is a ruined abandoned beauty. Once this palace was a part of a well-maintained kingdom but the pride of its ruler had destroyed it. However, the fortress got cursed and one bad thing eventually attracted the other, i.e., after some time it again got cursed which turned it into a mysterious location. The Fort of Bhangarh is an ancient historic destination to explore and experience the beauty of Rajputi architecture. Therefore, it is a mysterious place to spend your weekend with friends and family.

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