Jamshedpur – City of Steel in India 

Amazing facts about Jamshedpur

  • Jamshedpur was founded by Jamshitji Nusserwanji Tata in 1902 and it is the first planned industrial city in the country. 
  • It has the 4th largest iron and steel industry in Asia in the city center. 
  • The city is counted among the 84 fastest-growing cities in the world. 
  • Tata Iron and Steel Industry is the 10th largest steel industry in the world.
  • The city is widely famous as the sports capital of the Jharkhand state and has its own football team funded by Tata Industries. 
  • Jamshedpur is one of the green cities in the country.
  • The literacy rate of the city is 84.5% which is more than the national literacy rate of 74%. 
  • On the borders, it touches several lakes of different sizes which are the source of drinking water for the city. 
  • Tata industries are settled in Sakchi as the nearby area of the city is rich in minerals like Iron ore, Coal, Manganese Bauxite, and Lime. 
  • This city has one of the biggest management institutes XLRI founded in 1949 by Fr. Quinn Enright. 

Jamshedpur Football Club 

Attractions of Steel City

  • Bhuvneshvari Temple:- It is a must-visit temple in Jamshedpur as it receives a massive crowd every day. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Bhuvneshvari Devi, situated at a height of 500 meters. It is the perfect place to have a panoramic view of the city. However, the temple is styled in south indian architectural design. 
  • Tata Steel Zoological Park:- This is a place for wildlife lovers visiting the city. Here you can see various species of animals and birds. The park is spread over an area of 62 acres situated inside the Jubilee Park. Here you can also enjoy the jungle safari ride through the zoo and experience the natural habitat of wild animals. 
  • Tribal Cultural Center:-  It is a major attraction of the city for those who want to dive into the tribal history of the region. The center is a storehouse of various sculptures of Santhal, Oraon, Munda, and many other tribes as well. This place is equipped with many antiques, paintings, and relics. It is a perfect place for art and history lovers. 
  • Russi Mody Center of Excellence:- This is the place describing the incredible story of the foundation of Tatanagar. The center is outside Jubilee Park housing a museum dedicated to Rustomji Homusji Mody. However, here you can witness the historic paintings and handwritten contracts of TATA industries. 

Natural Expeditions 

  • Dimna Lake:- It is a picturesque destination 13 km away from the city center. This manmade lake is an escape point from the hustle of the city. Dimna Lake is a major structure of the city. As it is the primary source of water for industries as well as for households. Additionally, it is a picnic spot where you can enjoy water sports such as jet skiing, boating, and rowing. Along with this, you can also do small trekking on the Dalma Hills. 

  • Jubilee Park:- This is a must to witness park in the city. It was founded on the 50th anniversary of the Jamshedpur. This is a fun location to enjoy with friends and family. The park houses a lake, amusement park, zoo, recreation center, and fountains. However, it is a huge park spread over an area of 225 acres. Jubilee Park is also known as the Mughal Garden of Jamshedpur. Here you can also enjoy the fountain leaser and music shows in the evening. 

  • Dalma Wildlife Century:- The house of elephants and many other wildlife species in Jharkhand state. This century is located in Dalma Hills on the surge of the Subarnarekha River. It is a heaven for nature lovers as they can witness different species of birds, flora, and fauna. However, travelers wanting to explore the forest can also stay in the rest houses set up by the forest department here. So that they can experience the astonishing views from the hilltop. 

To conclude the description of this innovative city, we can say that Jamshedpur isn’t just about steel industries. But it is a hub of cultural and natural gems created by the inventive minds of its founders. The city is full of modern and technological centers with amazing architectural designs and structures. It is the place where you can experience the natural beauty of the Dalma Hill forest along with the modern facilities. However, exploring this established city is going to be a fun trip for you. Here you can learn as well as enjoy various adventure sports like skiing, forest safari and many more.

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