Kota – Shiksha ki Kashi

Kota is a fantastic city known as the Education center of Rajasthan. The city lies on the edge of river Chambal in Rajasthan state. It is one of the most populous cities in the nation famous for its coaching institutes and Kota stones. This city has many incredible historic monuments, museums, temples, and other tourist attractions. Every year thousands of students move to the city for their further studies in medical and engineering subjects. However, it is the country’s second city to have a 24-hour water supply after Thiruvananthapuram.

Hence, Kota city is a well-known industrial hub of the state popular for its silk as well as doria sarees and gold jewelry. The roots of the city were laid in the 12th century by Rao Deva when he founded Hadoti. But it became a separate city from Bundi in 1631 and named after Kotia Bhil who once ruled the region. This city was ruled by several rulers over the period and has gained many landmarks. Therefore, you can witness the beautiful landscape of the city along with mesmerizing gardens and monuments.

Major tourist attractions in Kota

  • Jagmandir Palace :- It is an astonishing red stone palace built between Kishor Sagar Lake. This palace was built in 1740 on the recommendation of the queen of Kota by Bundi Prince Dehra Deh. The palace is famous for its incredible Mughal as well as Rajput style of architecture. However, it is a museum now displaying the glorifying history of the state.  
  • Garh Palace :- This palace is the City Palace of Kota constructed by Prince  Jait Singh. The place is famous for its fantastic Rajasthani architecture done during the Mughal period. The paintings and mirrors on its walls highlight the beauty of the palace. Here you can wander in the small gardens decorated with beautiful flowers. 
  • Maharao Madho Singh Museum :- It is a famous museum of the State. This museum houses many beautiful Rajasthani paintings displaying the history of Rajasthan. Here you can also witness the ancient and antique artifacts of the region. This museum is in the city palace of Kota and is to visited attraction here.
  • Chambal Garden :- This garden is a stunning place to visit in the city. This garden has a pond hosting several crocodiles in it along with a hanging bridge on its top. This garden is a perfect picnic destination here for locals as well. The place has a pleasant environment with big trees and blooming flowers near the trails.

Other attractions of the city

  • Kishore Sagar Lake :- It is a man-made lake in the city having an amazing surrounding. The lake was founded by the Prince of Bundi in the 14th century. Here you can enjoy stunning fountains and boating in the lake as well as walks on its banks. However, tourists can also have a peaceful time in the garden created near the lake.
  • Seven Wonder Park :- This park is the most visited tourist attraction in the city located near the Kishor Sagar lake. Here you can see the seven spectacular structures of the world in one place. The park is a unique creation displaying the unmatchable seven wonders in miniature forms. This astonishing park is best for outings and picnics.
  • Garadia Mahadev Temple :- It is a breathtaking location here, known for its unbeatable landscape and picturesque views. The whole area is covered with lush green forest and Mukundra hills. This is the perfect location for taking pictures and spending some peaceful time near the river Chamba. However, the location is 20 km away from the city having scenic beauty.
  • Gaiparnath Temple :- This is one of the most beautiful natural expeditions in the city. It is a temple devoted to Lord Shiva founded in the 15th century. The place is 25km away from the city center. Here you can see the mesmerizing waterfall streaming from a height of 120ft. from the ground. This place is a famous trekking, tourist, and picnic spot in the city. 

Kota is famous for

Kota is a city in Rajasthan known for its royal history and colorful Rajasthani culture as well as traditions. The city has gone through various changes from the start though become a modern city with lively environments and rooted traditions of the region. It is an amazing city famous for its coaching institutions, palaces, gardens, and Chambal River. Moreover, the city is also famed for its unique paintings, tangy flavors, Doria and Silk sarees, gold jewelry, and Kota stone. The city has many things that you can wonder about.

Maybe earlier you have just known Kota for its medical and engineering coaching centers and their grades because it is one of the most famous education hubs in the country. But that’s not it the gold jewellery of the city is famous as the land is gifted with many minerals including gold. Therefore, here you can find the purest and finest gold jewelry in the nation. However, when it comes to dresses in India the first thing that comes to mind is saree. This city is known for its authentic fabric of Doria and Silk sarees, it is an ancient style of Mysore craftsmanship brought by Rao Kishore Singh in the 17th century.

The most famous thing in the city is the Kota stone which is only found here. It is a unique form of greenish-blue and brown-grained Limestone mostly used for flooring in houses and kitchens. However, we cannot miss to taste the special Kota Kachori popular around the world. This delicious and mouth-watering kachori is one of the not to miss things here. Its tangy and spicy flavor is unforgettable. 

Best time to visit the city

There is no specific best time to visit the city because it is not a hill station or holiday destination. Therefore, you can visit here and explore whenever you want to but it is convenient to visit the city during October – March. During this time the weather here is pleasant and perfect for sight-seeing. These are the months after the hot summers when the climate of the city is rainy and less humid. It is the best time the quench your thrust of exploration and experiencing new things. Therefore, this is the time when you can wander in the city without drenching yourself in sweat and humidity.


However, Kota is a fantastic city and a box full of many wonders. The city has a lot to explore and experience about. The bustling environment of the city makes it a lively location for visiting. Being the nation’s education capital, the city is also a perfect tourist destination to spend your holidays. Therefore, Kota is a city made with a mixture of ancient history and modern technology. To be specific the city is mostly visited by students for study purposes but it also emits the charm of a wonderful holiday destination.

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