Ladakh – Crown of India

Ladakh is a mesmerizing union territory of Kashmir that lies in the Jammu and Kashmir state of the country. Leh Ladakh is the highest hill station in the nation situated in the Himalayan ranges. The hill station itself is a tourist attraction means each and every corner of this breathtaking location is astonishing. However, it is the dream destination of every traveller visiting here via motorbikes and cars. This location is surrounded by snow-capped mountain ranges and brown landscapes.

The hill station is full of many freshwater rivers and lakes along with various valleys. It is of the world’s most beautiful tourist destinations. Here travellers from the whole world come to witness the fairy tale beauty of nature. This peaceful location is famous for its scenic views, Buddha monasteries, festivals, food and many more. In Ladakh, most of the population follows Buddhism. According to some beliefs, the youngest son of the family is sent to monasteries to serve as a Lama. However, it is known the paradise as well as the land of the moon of the earth. 

Major attractions

  • Shanti Stupa :- It is a monastery founded in 1991 by a Japanese Buddhist. This monastery has the bygones of Buddha ordained by the 14th Dalai Lama. It is the most worshipped and peaceful place here. However, from this place, you can have a mesmerizing view of Leh city. The best time to visit here is during the time of the full moon when the stupa shines with the natural light of the moon.
  • Khardung La :- This is a high mountain pass near Ladakh and the world’s second-highest motorable pass. It is the gateway to Nubra as well as Shyok valley. It is a beautiful location to experience picturesque views and adventures in the valley. However, this place is must visit location during your trip. As crossing the army trucks on your way gives the feel of starting real adventures.
  • Nubra Valley :- It is a heavenly location where you can enjoy the views of snowy mountains on one side and cold deserts on the other. This valley is located on the ancient Silk Route of India and China. Here you can enjoy the views of the Shyok and Nubra rivers passing through the monasteries. Additionally, the rides of double honk camels in Hundra.
  • Pangong Tso :- It is the world’s most famous landlocked lake spread over 4350 meters from India to Tibet. It is the same place where one of the memorable scenes from 3idiots movies is shoot. However, most of its part is in Tibet the lake is called Ladakh Lake. Moreover, the striking feature of this lake is that its colour changes during days and nights and even during the seasons.

Unique destinations

  • Magnetic Hill :- This is a must to visit the location of the hill station. This hill is known for its famous vehicle experiment. According to which the roads of this hill neutral vehicles automatically start moving towards the high altitude. It is due to the presence of a huge magnetic force in the area. However, many myths about the hills are also prevailing here.
  • Zanskar Valley :- This valley is situated in the Kargil district of Ladakh. The Zanskar mountain ranges of the Himalayas separate it from the main city. It passes through the most difficult trek in India known as Chadar Trek or Frozen River Expedition. This valley is a deserted land surrounded by snow mountains. This valley is famous for its unique species of flora and fauna.
  • Hanle :- It is a historic and ancient village situated in the Changthang region. This village is near the Hanle river on the ancient trade route. A tourist passing via the route stops here to witness the picturesque views and religious and astronomic values of the village.  This village is close to Tibetan borders hence it is a high permit area.
  • Tso Moriri :- It is a high altitude and one of the largest lakes in the country. This lake is similar to Pangong lake between India and Tibet. However, this region needs an inner line permit for visiting. It is a tranquil location with scenic views and peaceful surroundings. This lake is also known as a mountain lake as it is flaked with high mountain ranges.

Ladakh is famous for

  • Food :- Being the nearest region to Tibet, Ladakh is mostly influenced by lip-smacking Tibetan dishes. The most famous local traditional dish of the region is Skyu and Chutagi. These are soup pasta dishes made with root vegetables. However, with these delicious delicacies, you can also try some other cuisines of the nation here.
  • Shawls :- Moving to this dream destination and not taking away any memory with you is a good idea. Therefore, buying the famous Pashmina Shawl here will make your trip more long-lasting. Earlier the Pashmina Shawls were the mark of buyer’s status hence only rich merchants can afford to buy these shawls. 
  • Festival :- Culture and traditions of a region are depicted during the festivals. In Ladakh, many festivals are celebrated and it is the time when you can witness the religious value of the region. the most famous festivals here are the Saka Dawa festival, Hemis festival, and Tak Tok festival. During these festivals, locals perform traditional dance forms and play in the monasteries and on the streets.

Things to do in valley

  • Adventurous motorbike rides :- Biking in hilly areas are the most adventurous experience to have. Travelling to Leh and Ladakh via motorbikes is the dream trip of every adventure junky. However, this thrilling experience will make you feel your adrenaline rush along with the beautiful views of snowy mountains.
  • Trekking :- Adventure junkies always find something new to explore and have some exciting experiences during their trips. Trekking in the Himalayas is one of the best trekking experiences one can have. But this experience is thrilling and dangerous for newbies as well as for trained ones. However, it is necessary to take care of things before you go trekking.  
  • Yak Safari :- It is one of the musts to do things doing your trip to Ladakh. Yaks are huge animals found in cold regions and source of milk for the natives. Therefore, the Yak safari is one of the exciting experiences here. You can easily book your Yak ride with the help of your tour guide or tour instructor.  
  • Monastery visit :- This region is highly influenced by Buddhism hence you can witness so many monasteries here. In these monasteries, thousands of lamas are trained and have a peaceful environment. Here you can see the various historic and ancient books, paintings and structures related to Buddha.

Best time to visit Ladakh

The region is known for its low-key temperature throughout the year. This is the coldest valley in the country. Therefore, the best time to visit Ladakh is in the summer season. During the months of April – July when the temperature is between 15 – 30 degrees. In these months the weather is perfect for wandering around the city and having a good experience in the valley. This is the time when you can try different experiences like motorbiking, trekking, campaigning, and many others.

However, visiting the region during the rest of the year is somewhat dangerous. As the region is mostly covered with snow and risk of accidents increases. Also, during the winter season most of the land is covered with snow and visits to many tourist destinations is closed. But to enjoy the mesmerizing snowfall of the valley visit during the mid of September and October months. During this time the snowfall is at its start and the climate is cold and pleasing.


Therefore, Ladakh is the must tourist destination on the list of every traveller. This is the dream trip of every Indian with their friends and themselves. It is a heavenly destination to explore and experience new things. Here tourists from around the nation come to witness the fairy-tale beauty of the valley. However, it is the highest point in the country having an adventurous motorable pass surrounded by snow-capped mountains and high-altitude rivers. It is a mesmerizing location with breathtaking views of the valley having various distinctive flora and fauna.

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