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Mysore – The Royal City OF Karnataka

Mysore the cultural capital of Karnataka is situated at the bottom of Chamundi Hills. The city is recognised as the City of Palaces. It is among the cleanest cities of India and the tourist attraction of Karnataka.  The city was the political capital of the Wodeyar Dynasty which ruled for 150 years on Karnataka. Mysore is famous for its 10-day grand celebration of the Dasara festival. This festival was first celebrated by the Wodeyars.

Mysore is the city of heritage palaces, renowned buildings and monuments. The famous Mysore Pak is the royal sweet of the city. The chefs have invented in the royal kitchen chefs.  Traditional art and crafts, music and dance forms, and literature are also famous. It has seen that international tourists visit here to take a break from their daily lives and indulge themselves in Yoga Retreats, making the city a yoga hub.

Places To Visit in Mysore

Mysore Palaces:– This palace is among the largest castles in India. The most famous tourist attraction of Mysore. Mysore Palace is located in the heart of the city, known for the famous Mysore Dussehra festival. The palace was the residence of the Wodeyar kings. It was rebuilt in 1912 after the old wooden building caught fire. This palace has astonishing architecture which reflects the blend of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput and Gothic styles with Indo-Saracenic architecture.

St. Philomena’s Cathedral:– This is one of the tallest churches in Asia, constructed in 1840 by the Wodeyar kings. Cologne Cathedral of Germany is the Neo-Gothic style of architecture. This has influenced St. Philomena’s Cathedral, built for Europeans living in India during the colonial period. In the large hall of the church, 800 people can easily accommodate at a time. Thus this majestic church is a must-visit location in Mysore, for experiencing its excellent architecture.

Other Top 3 Places To Visit In Mysore

Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre:– The ancient art and science of healing are Ayurveda. A balanced body, mind and spirit can lead a healthy life. This ayurvedic centre is located in the foothills of Chamundi hills. Provides pure ayurvedic treatments like Abhyanga and Panchakarma along with yoga, beauty and weight loss therapies. Therefore, tourists visit here for relaxing their minds from daily hustles and rejuvenating their spirits in the beautiful hills of Mysore.

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden:– His Highness Sri Chamarajendra Wodeyar Bahadur founded this zoo in 1892. For educating the people of the state about wildlife. Earlier it is Palace Zoo but in 1909 the name changed to Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Garden. Also known as Mysuru Zoo. The zoo earlier covered an area of 10.9 acres. But now it covers an area of 157.02 acres along with Karanji Lake. Mysuru zoo is home to many unique breeds of animals from around the world. The unique distinction of this zoo is, that they recreate the natural habitat for species accordingly.

Varuna Lake:- This huge lake is seen while crossing the T.Narsipura highway of Mysore, famous for its water sports activities. The lake hosts many adventures like kayaking, jet skiing, banana ride, canoeing and many more at affordable prices. Many different activities are conducted for people during the Dasara Festival. So that they can enjoy the festival in a compelling way. The lake holds scenic beauty.

Ways to Reach

Mysore is connected with the major cities of South India and North India. It is easy to access here via roads as well as railways. As it has well-maintained state and national highway networks widely functioned by buses. Tourists can also opt for the air travelling option but there is no direct way to Mysore so, they can take a flight up to Kempe Gowda International Airport, Bangalore and then reach via road. 

Best Time to Visit

Mysore is a full-year destination, you can visit any time you want because it is a tropical weather region. The best time to visit Mysore is during the winter and monsoon season. From the months of July to February. During this period the weather is cold and quite pleasant which is a relief from its hot and humid weather.


It is hard to say that Mysore is not one of the most visited tourist places in India. The royal city of Palaces, Mysore Pak, Paintings, Architecture, Silk, and Wildlife, has made a name for themselves. The city is a world-famous destination for the perfect blend of history and nature which reflects the elegant pride of the kings of Karnataka. Mysore’s famous Ayurveda and Yoga centres. That is another distinctive feature of the city that attracts tourists globally. Therefore, the city is a full-packed tourist spot. The deep you go the more you’ll explore. It’s a city of never-ending fun and knowledge.

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