Rajasthan is known for its royal as well as glorious rulers and their fort. And one of the most exciting forts here is Bhangarh Fort.

Who built the Bhangarh Fort?

So let’s start from the start, moving back to about 500 years ago. The ruler of Amer Bhagwant Das founded this fort for his son Madho Singh.

The real story of the cursed fort

As I said before here is a long list of stories about this place being haunted. And every person reading this is here to know the original story behind it.

Events happened in the fort

This was only the beginning after that many sudden events happened here people crossing the paths from here during the night got lost.

When is it safe to visit Bhangarh?

It is not that you can visit this fort whenever you want, there are some fixed times for making a visit.


Bhangarh Fort is the top haunted destination in India. This fort in Rajasthan state is a ruined abandoned beauty.