Shillong – An Ode for Clouds

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya state of Northeast India. It is a beautiful hill station with a lot of waterfalls, peaks, gardens as well as scenic views. This hill station is surrounded by dense mountain ranges as it is on a plateau. The town is named after U Blei Shylong, the god of Khasis, which is the most worshipped god here.  

The hill station is a famous holiday destination in northeast India. This city has various research institutions for dairy products, silk production, as well as fruits. It is the most developed area of Meghalaya as it was named Switzerland of East by the Britishers. This town is the education hub of the eastern region of the country as well as one of the most populated areas of the region.

Earlier it was the capital of Assam until the partition of Meghalaya has taken place in 1972. After that Shillong become the capital of Meghalaya, and Dispur becomes the capital of Assam. The city is the music capital of the country. Many musicians and singers have emerged from this land. Additionally, the town hosts so many music events throughout the year.

Major attraction  

  • Umiam Lake :- This is one of the most beautiful locations in the town. It is an artificial lake formed after damming the Umiam River. The lake is surrounded by east Khasi Mountain ranges along with the Nehru Garden on its side making it a perfect picnic location. Tourists can also enjoy various water sports in the lake.
  • Elephant Falls :- It is a must to visit a place on the hill station. This is a three-step waterfall on a huge elephant-shaped rock. This waterfall is a paradise for environment lovers. Who loves to enjoy the silence of the surrounding with the enchanting voice of a foamy waterfall. It is a beautiful place to have some beautiful moments.
  • Shillong Viewpoint :- It is the top location of the city. Tourists can have a bird’s eye view of the city from this point. The waterfalls, plains, Himalayas, and the whole city can be witnessed from this point with the help of a telescope. This peak is 6449 ft. high above sea level. People trek to this point to have a 360° view of the hill station.
  • Ward’s Lake :- The local name of this lake is Polok Lake. The lake is in the heart of the city. The lake is a famous picnic spot as it is surrounded by gardens on both sides. It is a beautiful lake with lotus beds on its banks and crystal-clear water. Tourists can enjoy boating in the lake as well as enjoy the cafes settled on the location.

Tourist destination

  • Mary Help for Christian Cathedral :- It is an astonishing white marble church. The church has high arches and big stained-glass windows. It is a beautiful church situated on Lithunkhrah hill and below the cathedral, there is Grotto church. This cathedral has a big statue of Mother Mary as well as a terracotta station showing the life of Jesus.
  • Spread Eagle Falls :- This is a favourite spot of locals to visit for picnics. It is the widest waterfall which is 3kms away from the city centre. This is heaven for people who want to relax their minds from the hustle of life. The water streams are spread on the stones like eagle wings as the name suggests. This is a perfectly picturesque location for tourists.
  • Don Bosco Museum :- It is Asia’s largest museum of Indigenous Tribe. This museum is a seven-storey building located on Sacred Heart Church premises. The museum has several different kinds of ornaments, clothes, weapons, artefacts, and handicrafts of various tribes of northeast India. This museum has seventeen galleries full of history buffs giving an amazing view of the whole region.

Specialities of Shillong

  • Bamboo Handicraft :- Shillong manufactures various items of bamboo such as utensils, bottles, candles, household attachments, baskets, and lighting. You can easily find these handicrafts in the markets as well as on the streets of the city. Bamboo products here are more durable and reliable to use.
  • Organic Products :- The city is a hub of organic products. Here you can buy several organic products like, jams, jellies, beauty scrubs, handmade soaps, Sohiong wine, essential oils and the list goes on. The city is famous for its handmade scrubs made by the Khasi tribes.
  • Scottish Cloth :- The clothes of Scottish check are the most famous and must-buy things in the town. The skirts, shirts, frocks, jackets, as well as shrugs, are the clothes of classy looks and the finest materials. There is no need to wear other cloth after wearing a Scottish check in winter.
  • Winter Wears :- As the city experiences cold weather most of the time the markets here are the stock houses of winter wear. The Shawls and Stoles are famous here for their unique Manipuri and Naga styles. Meghalaya is the most fashionable state among the seven sister states. And Shillong has totally influenced by its fashion styles.
  • Food :- The food of the city has the most influence from the Assamese and Bengali styles of cooking. Jadoh is a must to try dish here, it is a dish born in Meghalaya. Therefore, it is a spicy dish made with rice soaked in a flavourous mix and served with pork meat. The street food of the city like momos, noodles, etc. is also famous here.

Thrilling experiences

  • David Scott Trail :- This is 16kms long trail additionally the most famous trekking spot in the city. This trail is named after a British officer David Scott. It is a long stretch between Mawphlang and Lad Mawphlang village. On this stretch, you can enjoy several different things like Ka Kor Ka Shonmai point, Camilla Tomb, Hanging Bridge over Umaim Lake, and many more.   
  • Mawlynnong :- It is Asia’s cleanest village with lush green surroundings and a 100% literacy rate. This is an exotic village having living root bridges and flowering orchids hanging on the old trees. This mesmerizing location makes the visitor feel like a haven. This is a village 90kms from the city known as God’s Garden.
  • Laitlum Canyons :- This is an unexplored or least-known location of the city. This place is an adventurous trekking spot for adventure junkies who love to explore new locations and have panoramic views of the world. Here you can have beautiful views of the rocky hills, green mountains, valleys, as well as zigzag roads. Tourist visit here to witness the sunset and sunrise in the city. 
  • Mawphlang Sacred Forests :- It is a village 25kms away from the main city. This is a beautiful forest famous for its sacred groves. This place has several stories related to land, traditions, culture, and sacrifices. The word Mawphlang means grassy stones. This forest is in the east Khasi hills which has a peaceful environment.

Best time to visit Shillong

The city is a whole year destination to visit in North-east India except for the monsoon season. During this time, the weather is quite cold here as well as the risk for heavy rainfall is high. It is best to visit the city during the summer season in the months of March to July. In these months the weather is pleasant and best for sightseeing.  This is the peak season of the hill station many tourists visit here during these months. Tourists also visit the city during winter from October to September.  Hence in these months, you can enjoy scenic views along with a romantic environment.


Hence, Shillong is an amazing location to visit and enjoy the natural beauty of the region. This is a picturesque destination with so many things to explore and never-ending experiences. As one can experience the views as well as the thrilling adventures here. Therefore, it is a heavenly location that can make your heart fall for its mesmerizing beauty.

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