Kashmir – Garden of Eden in India

Kashmir is the northern region of the country between the Greater Himalayas and the Pir Panjal Ranges. It is the most beautiful as well as charming location in the country known as the Heaven in the world. Kashmir is a paradise every Indian dreams to visit once in their lifetime. This region has mesmerizing views of mountains, valleys, and lakes. This region is a centre of disputes for the past few years.

Earlier the region was ruled by several Hindu, Muslim, and Afghan rulers till 1819. Thereafter, in 1820 Ranjit Singh the ruler of the Sikh Empire takes over the region. But he got defeated in the first Anglo-Sikh war in 1846. However, Kashmir was purchased by Gulab Singh the ruler of Jammu during the Treaty of Amritsar with the Britishers. And his successors ruled the region till the Partition of the country in 1947.

Major attractions

  • Dal Lake :- This is the must-visit lake spread over an area of 26 sq. km.  This lake is famous for its Shikaras and houseboats. Tourists can stay in these beautiful boat houses on the lake and can enjoy the views of this glorious valley. However, you can also buy in the lake markets floating in the lake.  
  • Pahalgam :- In the middle of Liddar Valley Pahalgam is a tiny town having breathtaking views of pine trees and Sheshnagh Lake. It is a spectacular destination which is a must to be on your Kashmir trip. This village is the perfect location to travel with family due to the domestic environment.
  • Patnitop :- It is a wonderful destination known for its scenic views of the white Himalayas and never-ending meadows. This is a perfect photography location for nature lovers. Tourists come here to capture some unseen views of nature as well as of the valley. However, it is a location for hiking and trekking as well as for skiing in winter.

Must visit locations in Kashmir

  • Jammu :- This is the winter capital of the region as well as a religious centre and a peaceful destination here. In Jammu, you will find various temples having great value. And also, a gateway for Vaishno Devi and Amarnath Yatra. Tourists from across the country visit here to worship in these temples.
  • Gulmarg :- This place is a famous skiing location in the region and also the most popular honeymoon destination. Gulmarg is a snow valley encircled by the snow-capped Himalayas and meadow flowers. It is a beautiful place having the world’s second-largest Gondola ride. This region is mainly popular for its picturesque views of white hills with green trees.
  • Srinagar :- It is a must to visit Srinagar when you visit the region. This place is known for its Kashmiri culture and cuisine. Tourists can have a full experience of the local trends as well as traditions here. However, they can enjoy the shikhara and gondola rides in the Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake here.  
  • Sonmarg :- It is a small valley on the bank of Sindh River, 9000 km above sea level. This town has picturesque views with mesmerising weather. The valley is surrounded by some major glaciers and hills of Kashmir valley which makes it a popular destination of the region for adventures and campaigning.    

 Unknown facts

  • Kashmir is divided between three countries India, Pakistan, and China.
  • The region is famous for its handicrafts the world known as Kashmiri Artwork.
  • The state has two capital in summer it is Srinagar and in winter it is Jammu.
  • Kashmir has a mixture of religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam.
  • The word Kashmir literally means dried land having no water.
  • According to an old saying, a saint of ancient India desiccated the river Kashmir and later on this region was named as Kashmir.
  • This is a beautiful region gateway to many distinct valleys of north India.
  • The state is the world’s third-largest producer of Saffron and has Asia’s fourth-longest tunnel in the Pir Pangle range.
  • Tourist visit here to experience thrilling adventures as well as the non-chanting beauty of the region.
  • The Kashmiri delicacies are world-famous along with the different flavours of teas and a variety of dry fruits.

Snowfall of Kashmir

Being in between the greater Himalayas and Pir Panjal Ranges the region experiences heavy snowfall during the season. This hypnotizing environment attracts a large number of tourists from all around the world. However, during snowfall, the whole region looks like a huge snowball. The layers of snow are 6-10 inches thick and the temperature falls to -15°C and rises to 0°C. The months of October – March are mesmerizing months of heavy snowfall making it a paradise on earth.

Although there is no doubt that Kashmir is a charming location for spending holidays. But sometimes these beautiful snow-capped mountains become dangerous in the mid of winter. However, the region experiences continuous avalanches during the season. According to the latest updates of the valley Sonmarg has witnessed extreme snowfall with a few Avalanches in which two labourers where died when it hit the site. So, areas near the Sonmarg and Bandipora districts are under high security and closed for the safety of visitors as well as for locals. 

Things to do in the state

  • Boating :- This is one of the musts to do things here because who does not want to relax between peaceful mountains and green gardens? Therefore, a ride in Shikara and staying in a houseboat is the best experience one can have here.
  • Trekking :- Kashmir has various treks which are famous for its picturesque meadow alpines. Trekkers from different parts of the country visit here for the thrilling treks of Ladakh and nearby valleys. However, the trekking and campaigning on the banks of lakes between the snow-capped mountains are amazing.
  • Skiing :- This is a fantastic place for enjoying winter sports in the country. Gulmarg and Sonmarg Valley are considered the best place for skiing due to the heavy snowfall in the region. Here you can do skiing under the guidance of professionals in the high-altitude mountains of the valley.
  • Shopping :- The local handicraft of the region is famous worldwide. It is good to shop Kashmiri Artwork while visiting the region. Here you can buy Pashmina shawls, handlooms, and dry fruits. However, do not forget to buy in the floating markets of Dal Lake. 

Therefore, it is the best family destination to visit on the holidays. Kashmir is a paradise for every visitor from India or across the world. Here you can enjoy the culture of India combined with Muslim delicacies. The food, handicraft, lakes, valleys, and views are incredible. However, this place has the power to bind you in its spells of bliss and happiness.  

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