Vrindavan – The land of Holy Basil

Vrindavan is a majestic city holding great spiritual value in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This city is in Mathura district and named Mathura – Vrindavan, the twin cities. This city is divided into 12 forests. This holy city is a place where Lord Krishna has spent their childhood. The city is located on one of the banks of the holy River Yamuna. Vrindavan is a beautiful city with the largest groves of Holy Basil (Tulsi).

This place is considered the land of Shri Krishna and Radha Rani. However, it is the place where they have spent their childhood together. Vrindavan or Brajbhoomi is one of the oldest cities in the country. This city holds the old history of Hindu deities as well as has a great sanctity among the people of India. It is a must-visit destination for Hindus once in their whole life.

The city has great spiritual value along with the harmony in its environment. This city is famous for its various religious centers and divine temples. The word Vrindavan is the combination of two words Vranda which means Holy Basil and Van means the forests, i.e., the forests of holy basil.

Temples of Vrindavan

  • Banke Bihari Temple :- It is the most famous temple of Vrindavan, devoted to Shri Krishna. In this temple, the idol is bent and forms the Tribhanga position. That is why the idol is named Banke which means bent. This temple is the symbol of the pure love of Shri Radha and Krishna. The idol of this temple is also worshiped in Nidhi van showing the love of the idols.
  • ISKCON Temple :- This temple is the most worshiped ISKCON temple in the world. The temple is devoted to the unbreakable bond of two brothers Krishna and Balram. This temple holds great value, people from the whole world visit to witness the divine beauty as well as the peace of this temple.
  • Shri Radha Rani Temple :- This temple is situated in Barsana on 820ft. high Bhanugarh Hills. It is a beautiful temple dedicated to Shri Laadli Lal. The place is the birthplace of Shri Radha Rani. This temple is the most visited location of Barsana in Vrindavan. You should visit this mesmerizing as well as astonishing temple to experience the love in its surroundings.
  • Meera Bai Temple :- The temple is situated near the Nidhi van and Sahji Temple. It is the place where Rani Meera Bai has worshipped lord Krishna for 15 years. Here you will find the idols of Shri Radha Rani, Krishna, and Meera Bai. Additionally, the believers here say that when the brother-in-law of Rani Meera Bai sent a snake in a basket to kill Meera Bai that snake was converted into a stone called Salegram. And the Salegram is still present in the temple.

Major attractions

  • Keshi Ghat :- This ghat lies in the heart of the city. The ghat has a historical story of Lord Krishna as well as his childhood bravery. The Rajasthani traditional architecture style is the iconic part of this place. This ghat has the most beautiful sunset and sunrise in the city. It is a perfect photography location in the evening as well as in the early morning. Here you can sit near and dip in the holy river Yamuna. 
  • Krishan Janmabhoomi :- It is the central jail of Mathura during the rule of Kansa, the uncle of Shri Krishna. This is the place where Mata Devaki with his husband Vasudev were imprisoned by her brother Kansa. Here she gave birth to Shri Krishna with seven other children, who were killed by their uncle brutely. Now there are several other temples along with the Birthplace. 
  • Govardhan Hill :- This hill is the sacred hill of the city. This hill is worshiped as Shri Krishna by the devotees. It is an 80ft. high hill spread over an area of 38 km and is 22 km away from the main city. The worshipers walk barefoot 23 km around the hill to worship this hill. Lord Krishna in his childhood raised this sandstone hill on his one little finger to save the village people from heavy rain along with thunderstorms. After that village people started worshipping the hill with pure devotion. 

Vans of Vrindavan

Vrindavan is the land known as a spiritual land where Lord Krishna spent his childhood and created so many beautiful memories. This city is a group of 12 forests and every forest is known from a separate story. The whole city is a mystery, a vibe, as well as the symbol of the divine love of Shri Krishna and the citizens. However, now the forests are demolished to some extent but small parts can also be witnessed along with the temple of Radha Krishna there. Here we have discussed only two forests where the lord has spent most of their time. The other forests are named Nikunj Van, Ghavar Van, Gopal Van, Kalidaman Van, Kishor Van, Jhulan Van, Kaveri Van, and Atal Van.

  • Nidhi Van :- It is a forest of Holy Basil in Mathura. This van is the most famous as well as to visit place in the district. The place has temples of Radha – Krishna. It is said that Lord Krishna daily came here at night to dance with Radha Rani. There are several mysterious facts about this place. It is believed that all the plants of holy basil here become Gopi’s at night to dance as well as do Raas with Shri Krishna.
  • Vihara Van :- In this forest, Shri Krishan and Radha spend quality time with each other. Here Radha Rani teaches dance as well as music to Shri Krishna. This place is an iconic destination of Vrindavan. The lovely location of the city has so many beautiful stories of Leela of Radha–Krishna. Here you can also witness the historic Vihar Van Bihari Ji Temple.

The best time to visit

Vrindavan is a whole-year destination in Uttar Pradesh. The best time to visit the mesmerizing location is from September – March. These are the months of the winter season when the temperature here is cold and pleasant. During these months you can easily trail on the streets of the city as well as explore it to its fullest.

Vrindavan is a location that is best explored while rooming on its streets. As there are so many temples and gardens which can only be explored while walking. Therefore, it can only be possible if the weather conditions are good and reliable. So, it is important to check the weather before moving to the city on vacation. However, the winter months are the best time to have a great experience of the city. 


Hence, Vrindavan is a majestic destination with a great history of Lord Shri Krishna. It is a divine destination where you can witness the pure love of Radha – Krishna. This town has a bucket full of mesmerizing tourist attractions and tourist can spend their holidays peacefully here. Moreover, it is a famous destination of India in the world. The city has thousands of foreign visitors every year and some also reside here forever.

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