Manali – Abode of Love

Manali is a small town situated in the Kullu Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is the most loved tourist spot in Himachal. The town is located on the bank of the Beas River. Manali is 6398 ft. high and 250 km away from Shimla. It is an archaic trade route between China and India. The town serves as a gateway for Spiti Valley and Leh the city of Ladakh.

 Manali is called the Valley of Gods. There is an old mythological story related to this town. According to that Manu stepped on the land of Manali to recreate humanity when a huge flood submerged the world. The town is named after Manu-Alaya, which means the adobe of Manu.

Henceforth it is a small town with a bucket full of experiences. The town offers a number of adventure sports with the most beautiful scenic views. Manali is the honeymoon capital of the country. The newlywed couples visit to spend some time in its romantic atmosphere and mystic beauty. The town gives a delightful view of the Pir Panjal and Dhuladhar ranges covered with snow.

Adventure sports

Manali is a hub of adventure sports. Parallel with its natural charm the town is known for its unlimited breath-taking adventure sports. It is the prime location for adventure junkies. They can put their feet on heights, fly freely in the clear skies, camp near the beautiful Beas River, trek on high mountain ranges, and so on. The town has so much to experience and some are as follows:

  • Paragliding :- Manali is famous for its paragliding sports at 2025 meters above sea level. It is the best way to view this picture-perfect hilly town with a wonderful green valley, snow-covered mountain peaks, and crystal-clear blue sky that has excellent wind conditions. The professional gliders are trained and trustworthy, they provide pre-gliding training and ensure full safety before the adventure.
  • Skiing :- Solang Valley and Rohtang Pass offer thrilling skiing experiences in Manali. The undulating slopes capped with snow are the finest destination for winter sports. However, skiers come from across the world to enjoy these valleys. Terrains here are the ideal location for beginners to have their first move in skiing.
  • Zip Lining :- It is one of the booming sports of Manali. In this activity, they hang a person between two locations and then slides from one end to another. The distance between the locations is nearly about 504 meters. Through this adventure, you can have a bird’ s-eye view of this lovely town.

Tourist attraction of Manali

  • Hidimba Temple :- It is a temple between the beautiful cedar forests of Manali. The temple is dedicated to Hidimba Devi mother of Ghatothkach. The temple is surrounded by handicrafts, cultural markets, and cafeterias. The temple is a must-visit tourist location of Manali.
  • Jogini Falls :- It is a 150 ft. high waterfall from the sea level. Jogini water trek is a 2.5 km trek through lust green forest and tinny trees on the way. It is a moderate and quite pleasant trek.
  • Old Manali :- Divided by Beas River from new Manali. Tourists visit old Manali to have peace and relax in the beautiful town 6000 ft. above sea level. The town is famous for its cafes and restaurants, offering delicious food. Tourists hire scooters and bikes to trail through the roads of the lovely town.
  • Manali Sanctuary :- It is one of the must-visit locations of Manali. The sanctuary is the home to various jeopardy species of flora and fauna. It covers a wide area of 3180 hectares, including different routes for trekking. The sanctuary allows tourists to campaign inside it which makes it a thrilling and adventure spot.
  • Mall Road :- It is the heart of Manali and the top tourist attraction of Manali. Mall Road is a perfect blend of the culture and architecture of Himachal Pradesh. It is a busy street throughout the day as well as at night. The street has various traditional shops and cafes offering delicious food from Manali. Therefore, Mall Road is a perfect location for tourists to have vibrant pictures.

How and when to reach

The best months to visit Manali are September and October. These are the months when the monsoon ends and the winter season starts. During this time the weather here is pleasing and a bit cold at night. It is the best time to trail around the town and enjoy the picturesque views of its snowy mountains. Honeymoon couples mostly visit here between September and February. This time the weather is quite chilling and romantic.

Manali is easy to access location as the hill station is connected with various cities of the country. Tourists can visit the town via road and air transport. The town is well connected with road networks having multiple bus services and tourists can also visit by their own transports. Kullu Manali Airport in Bhutra is 50 km away from Manali. The airport is connected with Delhi and Chandigarh for direct flights. However, tourists can also visit via railways to Joginder Nagar railway station which is nearest to the town. Further, they can also also choose trains to Chandigarh and Ambala cities.


Therefore, it can be concluded that Manali is full of experiences. The town is a backpacking destination for tourists and travelers. It is a center of endless adventures and unique experiences of life. Hence, it is a paradise for nature lovers as it gives a view of the wide range of endangered species of mammals, birds, flora, and reptiles. Manali is an adobe of love with its mesmerizing beauty, picturesque views, romantic weather, and so on.

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