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Bir Billing – Highest Paragliding Spot in Asia

Bir Billing is a village near the Dhauldar hills in India. This is a mesmerizing location known for its high altitudes and chanting beauty. It is the world’s second-most preferred location for Paragliding and India’s paragliding capital. This village is located in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a delightful town covered with lush green forests and surrounded by mountain ranges.

The village was founded by Tibetan refugees in 1960 after the settlement of Tibetan uprisings. This village has many Buddhist monarchies and several Tibetan schools teaching spiritual values and also for meditation practices. The village is a breathtaking location for exploring nature’s beauty along with the experiences of thrilling adventures. Thousands of tourists visit here every year to witness adventure sports such as paragliding, trekking, campaigning, and mountain biking.

Paragliding in Bir Billing

Flying like a bird in the sky and having a panoramic view of the world is an undefined experience one can have in their life. Nowadays there are so many ways to have this experience by planes, hot air balloons, and helicopters, but the best way is paragliding. In this, a person flies from one point to the other with the help of wide canopy fabric. This adventure will give you the best bird’s eye view of the location, better than any high-quality video camera.

Bir Billing offers the best atmospheric conditions in Asia and is the second most well-known destination for paragliding after Lake Como, Italy in the whole world. This place is famed for adventures because of the paragliding World Cup held here in 2015. However, to do the adventure you have to go to Billing takeover point after a ride of about 30-40 min from Bir. Yes, these are two different valleys adjacent to each other in the foothills of Dhauldhar hills.

Paragliding seems to be very scary because jumping from such a height is not easy. But doing it as a pilot makes it safe and exciting for you. Here, a pilot will be provided to you for flying the parashot and guide you during the experience. And if you want to do it alone then you have to do a 3-4 weeks training before that. This adventure is open for the whole year except in the months of monsoon and when there is snowfall in Billing. It is good to do the adventure during sunset as at that time the valley and mountains give the most beautiful views of the day.

Things to do

Apart from the paragliding, the town offers many other experiences too which will make your trip even more relaxing as well as exciting. This small town has so much to explore and experience. Here you can have mesmerizing views of the snow-capped mountain ranges with green grasslands.

  • Monasteries :- This town is famous for its majestic Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. These monasteries are styled in Tibetan culture and are home to several monks. These places are pretty with relaxing environments. The morning and evening prayers here will spellbound you and transfer you to a space full of positive energies.  
  • Trekking :- This is one of the beautiful things to do here. The famous 360° trek to Rajgunda Valley gives you a panoramic view of the valley. This is a 2-day and 1-night trek, exploring the small villages and their beauty. The route passes from the landscape covered with Deodar, Rhododendron, and Oak trees.
  • Hiking :- Hiking to various waterfalls, hot water springs, and hamlets is a mesmerizing experience here. Trailing in the middle of tea gardens along with the breathtaking views of this unexplored valley. Therefore, hiking to witness the purity of nature here will fill you with positivity and calm.
  • Mountain Biking :- Riding in the refreshing environment of Bir is a challenging as well as rewarding experience to have here. You can rent bikes to explore the village and witness the picturesque views. However, riding bikes in the scenic landscape here feels something different and worthwhile.  


  • Sherabling  :- It is the largest monastery in the region situated in Keori village near Bir. This place is like a small world in the middle of the forest, similar to what we see in movies. Tourists visit here in search of peace and to meditate in its harmonious environment. The monastery offers Tibetan Buddhist studies with other forms of cultural art and philosophy courses.
  • Dharmalaya Institute :- This place is an eco campus known for its various courses on sustainable development, organic farming, and green building. This institute is between the deep forests making it a perfect destination to visit. The place is free from things harming the environment. And only organic as well as vegan food are allowed here.
  • Gunehar Waterfall :- This waterfall trek is about 1.5 km away from the main village. It is an astonishing hillock that is 100 ft high and the peaceful water stream will make your heart still for a few seconds. This place is a major tourist attraction here and a beautiful location for photography at sunset. Here you can enjoy the lovely Tibetan tea near the cold environment of the waterfall.  
  • Parashar Lake :- This is one of the best locations to visit on the trip from Bir – Manali. This lake point is 105 km from the village center but has an incredible view. The lake is named after the rishi Parashar and you can also find a temple dedicated to him here. The unique feature of this place is that this lake is in circular form having floating grassland changing its position regularly. 

The best time to visit

Bir is famous for its rainy seasons from July – September. During these months the views as well as the environment here is undesirable. But this time is the off-season for tourists due to the high risk of slippery land and heavy rainfall. However, in these months the adventure activities are stopped due to unfavorable weather conditions.

The peak season of the valley is summer in the months of March – June. This is the time of the year when you can see the stunning landscapes clearly and also enjoy them to their fullest. During this time the weather conditions here are quite pleasant and best for trailing around the town. In these months you can enjoy trekking as well as campaigning in the lush green forests.

The perfect time to enjoy paragliding in Bir billing is in the months of October and November. During these months, the weather conditions are mesmerizing and best for the adventure. However, you can also enjoy the beauty of the valley during the winter season in the months of December – February. This time the temperature here falls to zero degrees and snowfall starts which makes it even more charming.


Therefore, Bir Billing is a spectacular destination to visit and spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of cities. This place is full of peace and calming vibes along with the non-chanting beauty. A trip to Bir billing will call you again and again to visit and explore the unexplored route of this picturesque valley. However, it is not that if you don’t want to go on adventures you can’t come here. This place is much more than just adventures and sightseeing.

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